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Map: project-107 in challenge #135


By doing a swing and a "one rope direction change" (swing from the ceiling on the last plop area straight up and do half-dragon tap to left, dont know how to better describe this :P) on the low right corner of the map you can earn another 2" easily, quite risky, I do it in 1/5 efforts, I'm sure some of you guys might be able to get it to work more often it cause it looks so cool ^^

I'll post an example when I hit it in a decent turn if you dont get what I mean. :P

I get what you mean Deset and yeah that would be useful and quick.  Bit risky though if you've already done the rest of the map quite quickly :)  I wouldn't say it would save 2 seconds though.


Lmao, check the standings. :DD


--- Quote from: Dulek on February 17, 2012, 03:31 PM ---Lmao, check the standings. :DD

--- End quote ---

YAY! Another draw game! That's pretty crazy!! :-D :-D :-D

2 huge mistakes and still 36"00, another 34"-worthy turn...  :(   Check it out for the swing and tap near the end at least :)


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