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Map: KaLeU RR 08 in challenge #26

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I won't let you, chakkman! :)

Let's see. :P

There you go, Horst Rammstein! :)

Man, what a session on this map.

On one of my submissions I was so unlucky to hit my head on the roof but not lose my turn.  Still, it wouldn't have beaten Dulek and Mablak's ridiculously good turns.

I can't perfect that technique you both use on the last section otherwise I'd have ya both! :P

128 rounds over the space of 4 hours. Agggh! :<  It felt like 5 minutes.  That's why I love this game.


I said it before a while ago and i'll say it again, Dulek is the new Mablak of RR's :D


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