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Challenge #595, TT Big RR #3

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How does this stuff work? just s2f in less time possible? if so why cant I see a complete replay of the posted games !?

ae runaway have u clicked the box in advanced settings "load wormkit modules" ?

nope, thought a 3.7 release would have done it automatically. Solved btw, ty dude

I dont want to use Rubber, then i played like a simple BIG RR map ;)
I add all my sub-times and done ;p
I hope u can count with me playing these challenges^^



--- Quote from: lales on January 27, 2016, 02:22 PM ---I dont want to use Rubber

--- End quote ---

It's not like.. satan's work.. man :)
Why make trouble to me and yourself. Just install it and play, it's much more fun.


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