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Challenge #736, TTRR Challenge Week 297

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I'm concerned on how the finish works in this map. Imo you should land on the finish part, i've asked Dulek his opinion about it.

Btw shtaket ur time is 37.8, not 37.86, i've fixed it.

I agree with Sbaffo, I would say touching a side wall is all fine like on the picture below, since you can slide into water even if you touch the sign.

This week's challenge has specific protruding pole creating a bracket and worm should land there. I'm sorry if there were inconsistency from me concerning earlier challenges.

Ok this means sock's record is not valid. Sorry mate :(

Correct. :(

I just reported a new replay with a good finish that you just took down on accident i guess. I guess i'll enter it again.


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