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Challenge #819, BiG RR Challenge Series #05

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Big Billy:
7 days left to kick of Shtaket from his pole position.

Got the feedback that this map is a bit to hard.
So I consindering an easier map again for the next round.

"Sind sie zu stark, bist du zu schwach" - Fisherman's Friend

Big Billy:
"In der Tat" Alpecin

Big Billy:
"Another BiG RR Chally concluded" Anegla Merkel

And the golden Medal goes to Shtaket with 142.82s
Glorious second place to 01i with 195s
And the incredible third goes to kirill470 with 226s

"Thank you for participation! Hope you had fun with the rope and see you next time." Leonardo Di Caprio

Big Billy:
Nice shortcut run by walrus :D


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