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Camelot Fort Cup #2

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Name: Camelot Fort Cup #2 - сhallenge everyone and yourself
Type: Public
Game type: 1vs1
Created: June 22, 2022, 12:44 PM

Cup scheme(s): scheme Forts Fun
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Signups time: June 24, 2022, 12:30 AM

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Welcome to my another Camelot Cup.

Fort to fort, a classic gunfight using a classic scheme.
Anyone can join, there is nothing special about this scheme. I urge everyone to join as soon as possible.

Rules are:

- 3 worm per team (groups, K/O stage, final/bronze too);
- сlassic fort rule: no invade enemy fort. But its allowed to collect crates in the center of the map;
- bo1 all games (final/bronze too);
- use scheme ONLY 4575;
- you can host with HostingBuddy and use command !tusscheme 4575 to upload the cup scheme;
- use maps from WMDB (Fort type) but recommended to use maps whose size does not exceed 3000x1000;
- play the map by agreeing with the opponent;
- Normal Knockout mode.


1. My worm after the explosion fell on the enemy fort. What should I do? Can I keep playing it?
- Yes, you can keep playing. Get the worm back to your fort using the rope or jetpack and continue. Use Select Worm to change worm if need.
(I thought about this situation for a long time, also asked friends and players. In the end, I decided to act more humanely about this)

2. Can I collect crates in enemy fort?
- Nope. Only neutral (center) zone or your fort :)

3. Can I shoot from neutral zone?
- Nope. Only from your fort.

4. Is a draw possible?
- I think not. In this situation, I will take an example from the team17 cup, where there was a rule - the last worm that drowned completely wins.

5. I / My opponent has problems with the Internet connection, HostingBuddy has crashed, other reasons for the connection failure. How to proceed?
- Rematch.

6. My opponent deliberately violates the rules of the game. How to proceed?
- Notify me PM, show a replay of the game, upload to a file hosting or discord. Next, I will already decide whether the player should continue to participate in the cup.

For more information on the scheme, you can refer to the link:

Were taken into account the shortcomings of the previous Cup, and made the scheme more interesting

I want everything to be sporty and according to the rules.

Honor and glory, fun and luck

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