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1st :)


--- Quote from: Mega`Adnan on April 16, 2023, 03:11 PM ---1st :)

--- End quote ---
Nice! This will be open for many days. So shout from the rooftops!

Spectacular turnup! We're almost at 24! Keep on signing up people! It's great to see first timers too!

Btw, when you choose a map, make sure that the big rope race map has NO plop.

Note: Inactivity, no cooperation, will have you replaced or simply Ignored. So it is crucial that you as a contender, that you let us know here on discord, if you go Inactive for a couple of days. It is completely understandable that we must attend to our real life affairs and with that, it ''could'' take days away. Just remember to communicate with your opponents.

Cup may start 1st of May.

Cya soon!

Edit: If you go Inactive for a couple of days without telling, doesn't mean you get written off.

We only need 1 more player, and then we ''may'' start the cup.

Join now  :)

If you're sitting on the sideline, just get on with it  8)

See you soon  ;D

The cup will start once we have 24 people.


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