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Cup #1214, Wheel of Fortune Cup #1

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I would really like to ask the moderator to confirm the cup. Please, if you're not tired of me yet :)

Unlike the tournament, the schemes here are all played bo3, for equality of games before qualifying from the group to the playoffs.
The version of the Kill To Streal scheme has also been changed to the version used in the newly K2S created cup

I would also be happy to welcome help in moderating the cup (during the drawing process in English).

I will send a cup invitation to every active player here personally. This is all I can do on my part to understand how relevant the idea with the cup will be among those who still play here.

Thanks for attention



Sign up are opened.

ae welcome, join :)

We can start the cup as soon as we have a good number of players for the groups

I will be glad if you tell about the cup in your clan or friends who play with you


So, how does one actually "spin the wheel"?

Have you created a program on a website somewhere or something?


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