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Cup #1229, Academy of Artillery #2

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Good afternoon legends!

Once again, thank you for all those who took part, it was another magnificent event with so many great players and even better turns/shots!

As you may be aware there were bonus prizes for the Cup and the stream for AoA2 Prizes will take place on Sunday 14th April at 7pm GMT live on Twitch:

You can also follow the event in the CWA Discord:

Congratulations to the Cup winners:

1st - tita / £30 (Will be paid by TheWalrus)

2nd - TheWalrus / £20 (Paid)

3rd - Rocket / £15 (Paid)

Congratulations to the bonus prize winners:

Best Aerial Turn - Ledan / £10 (Paid)

Best Forts Shot - tita / £10 (Will be paid by TheWalrus)

Best Grenade Wars Shot - oldsock / £10 (Paid)

Random Lottery Winner - Zwitter / £10 (Paid via TUS donation)

If you're interested in watching the video for the live draw you can find it here, if it doesn't work at first it's because it's still processing and you'll be able to watch in an hour or so:

aeeee  I won the best fort shot!!!




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