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Space Race

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Basic Information
Poland TheMadCharles
2.4 / 5
Total Members Voted: 5
48 days
17514 days
Name: Space Race - PoC Cup 1: Space Race
Type: Public
Game type: 1vs1
Joining required percentage: 19%
Created: May 23, 2017, 07:45 PM

Cup scheme(s): scheme SR
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Signups time: July 08, 2017, 05:30 PM


Welcome everybody to our first ever Proof of Concept scheme cup!

In these cups we will host our newest and current favourite PoC schemes.

This cup's scheme: Space Race (RubberWorm required)

Space Race is a racing scheme that utilizes almost all of RubberWorm's settings, mainly removing gravity completely and allowing multiple shots to be fired during a single turn. Players must use bazookas to propel their worm through the map. Since there is (almost) no viscosity, worms will only stop when they hit a wall. However, worms will only stop when they hit a wall at around 90°. If the worm hits a wall at a different angle, it will slide along it until it hits another wall (sounds complicated, but really isn't). Players are also supplied with 3x Ninja Ropes (Power 1, rope+). They are quite hard to use, but can when used correctly be the deciding factor between a win and a loss. Ninja Ropes are also helpful when stuck.

I recommend practicing a little bit before playing the cup games, as Space Race physics take time to get used to.


Group Games
[ksuh] Ignition 01
[ o] bo01

Knockout Games
Silver86_-_RPG_maker_BR (STRGRN Space Race edit)
[PRworms] Commander Keen BoomRace
c0o1_-_Red_Fruits_And_Veggies (STRGRN Space Race edit)

Final/Bronze Games
GARG0YLE_-_BR__16_Remix_(STRGRN Space Race edit)

Make sure map borders are activated for all maps, as most of the maps are impossible to play on without them!

1 worm per team
Games are bo1
Draw (finish on the same turn) - rematch


Cup Medals:


Group 1
Country Player Groups Total Won Lost #1 #2
Finland Husk dS bf TdC 1 1 0
Saudi Arabia Mega`Adnan WG` ae Pn 1 1 0
Germany Hurz UC dS Kf 2 0 2
Poland TheMadCharles Pn WG` PoC 0 0 0
Games [2]Notes [4]

ID Winner Loser Replay Time Game Rate
222573 Finland Husk Germany Hurz
November 26, 2017, 11:32 PM 0
221784 Saudi Arabia Mega`Adnan Germany Hurz
September 11, 2017, 07:27 PM 0

[August 25, 2017, 08:07 PM] Poland TheMadCharles: When can we play?
[August 26, 2017, 08:17 AM] Sweden STRGRN: never
[October 06, 2017, 12:34 AM] Germany Hurz: in the night
[November 03, 2017, 06:32 PM] Saudi Arabia Mega`Adnan: MadKappa and Pizzapo0o0ops, let's get over it!
Group 2
Country Player Groups Total Won Lost #1 #2
United States TheWalrus NBR 1 1 0
Morocco SNAKE_CT BrS PoC 1 0 1
Hungary Natalia tr sW 0 0 0
Sweden STRGRN Pn BrS PoC 0 0 0
Games [1]

ID Winner Loser Replay Time Game Rate
221650 United States TheWalrus Morocco SNAKE_CT
September 02, 2017, 10:16 PM 0

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