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--- Quote from: TheKomodo on September 19, 2017, 04:56 PM ---Just close this Hurz I doubt people are interested anyway.

So far people don't want a2b, "ewwwwww bungee" and other sht.

These days people only want the easiest/laziest schemes.

Nobody puts effort anymore :(

--- End quote ---
Don't close this I am interested. I really like all 4 schemes except BnG (not hating it though, just a scheme that I won't pick in leagues but not avoid it). My Free League Lite went alright and it had 7 schemes. I don't see why this cup wouldn't work.

I would join too, despite bungee, its just one bad scheme out of five.

I actually asked for this to be cancelled, but instead, I will change Bungee Race to Hoops :)

I think Hoops map should have a barrier to avoid mines reaching worms.

Ok i've changed Bungee Race to Hoops as some people don't like Bungee Race, Mega`Adnan will host a special Bungee Race cup instead :)

I would really appreciate as many people taking part in this possible, thanks.

If enough people want, we can change a2b BnG to TUS BnG, leave some feedback please and we'll see what to do :)


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