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Game #186155, reported by Zwitter, Viewed 318 Time(s)

Mine Madness #7
Group 1
February 27, 2015, 03:12 PM
Russian Federation
Gained 5 points
Egypt TLaD ae pH
Lost 5 points

Game Rate
Not rated yet
Players history
3 - 0
Information Cup name: : #732: Mine Madness #7
Cup scheme(s):
Mine Madness

Game Result: 2:1
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Game Map(s)

good map by good map
1920 x 696, PNG, 5.85 KB, Downloaded 660 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] u2
[StepS`che] wow.
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] xD
[StepS`che] gj
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] lel
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] ty :3
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] wow
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] bl
[StepS`che] aw.
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] wow dis mines ?
[StepS`che] мoлoдeц
[StepS`che] aййй
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] hehe
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] hmm
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] yess
[StepS`che] awesome.
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] Ty
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] fail again
[StepS`che] gj
[StepS`che] ecли бы нe тoт фeйл.
[Zwitter`nlF] Дa нe игpaeтcя ceйчac.
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] xDDD
[StepS`che] vbl.
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] gg
[StepS`che] never say gg until it's gg!
[StepS`che] ;)
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] ;0
[Zwitter`nlF] Gg.
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] ;) *
[StepS`che] don't forget dmitry
[StepS`che] and his handgun
[StepS`che] :D

[StepS`che] "You took a nose dive"
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] draw
[StepS`che] Nice worm nick
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] Know the truth ?
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] xD
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] i hate dis place :/
[StepS`che] bl
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] ehm
[StepS`che] bl prince.
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] i have more 2 worm not bad
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] fail
[StepS`che] gj.
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] hmm
[Zwitter`nlF] Tx.
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] nice
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] wow
[Zwitter`nlF] Lol.
[StepS`che] aw.
[StepS`che] пpидëтcя тoлкaть
[StepS`che] gj prince.
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] ty :)
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] gg ?
[Zwitter`nlF] Gg.
[StepS`che] gj.
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] gg
[StepS`che] бeз тoлчкa

[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] party
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] lel.
[StepS`che] bl.
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] bl
[StepS`che] vbl
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] where is my face
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] cmon.
[StepS`che] интepecнo, иcпoльзoвaли ли тyт кoгдa-либo тpюк c зaзeмлeниeм лyкa
[StepS`che] лyк, нaпpaвлeнный пoд ocтpым yглoм вниз (пpи пoмoщи дpyгoгo opyжия)
[Zwitter`nlF] Я нe дeлaл.
[StepS`che] и paзpeшeнo ли тaкoe вooбщe
[Zwitter`nlF] Haпиcaнo бeз бaгoв.
[StepS`che] wow
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] ..
[StepS`che] bl.
[StepS`che] bl.
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] :/
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] wow
[StepS`che] nt
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] dis luck
[StepS`che] vgj.
[StepS`che] gg
[Zwitter`nlF] Gg.
[TLaD`Pr1nCe`] gg

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Game #186155, reported by Zwitter
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Good minigun last shot :v