September 26, 2018, 03:40 AM

Game #222034, reported by Chelsea, Viewed 164 Time(s)

Group 2
October 01, 2017, 06:28 PM
Poland dP pH Kf BoM
Sum: Gained 5 points
Poland TdC ea
Sum: Gained 5 points
Sum: Lost 5 points
Chile Pn ded BrS
Sum: Lost 5 points

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Information Cup name: : #945: Aerial 2v2
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Game Result: 1:0
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Game Chat(s)
[VicEnz0`hcp] glglgllg
[Godmax] Ladies and prostitutes, it is an honor to welcome your hairy asses. Tobias, present or not, is in a more or less bullshit condition today but we will fucking win nonstop in 2017/2018. Tits in Willie out enjoy the Max Scheme air and let the fucking shit begin!
[Throsti`] gl hf
[Godmax] Victory smells like a delicious hairy pile of monkeyfeces and: dogpiss
[Godmax] i am not a suicideman
[`Pn`Frutiloops] such a shame
[Godmax] fuck that fabregas , assholeplayer btw
[Godmax] ok eden
[Godmax] good player though
[VicEnz0`hcp] op
[`Pn`Frutiloops] i knew
[dPxChelsea] wtf i clicked that shit enter
HussarTDC..dPxChelsea: No a czemu nie?
[VicEnz0`hcp] nt tho
[`Pn`Frutiloops] it was all mindgames
[`Pn`Frutiloops] the greed is strong
[`Pn`Frutiloops] wth goatmax?
[VicEnz0`hcp] wilddd
[Godmax] well
[Godmax] it worked
[Godmax] just fine
[`Pn`Frutiloops] i get it
[Godmax] he wont fuck the barrel
[Godmax] he wont
[`Pn`Frutiloops] but why did you harm urself
[Godmax] FUCK YES
[Godmax] I KNEW IT
[VicEnz0`hcp] :D
[Godmax] bitch
[`Pn`Frutiloops] u edgy freak
[Godmax] well
[Godmax] cesar was priority
[Godmax] he is afk
[Godmax] or wtf
[VicEnz0`hcp] :D
[`Pn`Frutiloops] lol
[Godmax] wtf
[Godmax] man fuck off
[Godmax] not in a final
[`Pn`Frutiloops] lol
[Godmax] dont be afk
[VicEnz0`hcp] not bad
[`Pn`Frutiloops] i didnt remember i was playing
[Godmax] ofc not
[Godmax] why would you
[Sensei`hcp] that was rookie mistake
[Sensei`hcp] by one grand finalist
[VicEnz0`hcp] fruti saved you last game nigga
[`Pn`Frutiloops] i was distracted by chat
[Godmax] ah wild
[Godmax] what saved me the only thing we need are tactical variations
[Godmax] ok now fuck a worm
[Godmax] FUCK HIM
[Godmax] CESC
[Godmax] FUCK HIM
[Sensei`hcp] hahaha
[Godmax] FUCK HIM
[Godmax] are you joking
[Godmax] ah well
[Godmax] lets pray....
[VicEnz0`hcp] not bad
[Godmax] if he is alive
[Godmax] i will castrate myself
[Godmax] ok fucked
[Sensei`hcp] "tactical variations" ----> "now fuck a worm"
[Godmax] hehe
[`Pn`Frutiloops] lol
[VicEnz0`hcp] lol
[`Pn`Frutiloops] tactics
[Godmax] we have already adjusted accordingly
[Godmax] looking good
[VicEnz0`hcp] repla
[VicEnz0`hcp] y
[`Pn`Frutiloops] mindgames
[`Pn`Frutiloops] told ya
[`Pn`Frutiloops] that's my tactic
[VicEnz0`hcp] ded
[`Pn`Frutiloops] ded!
[Godmax] FUCK HIM
[Godmax] YES
[Godmax] FUCK YES
[VicEnz0`hcp] ded
[`Pn`Frutiloops] u asked for it
[Godmax] i sure did
[VicEnz0`hcp] g
[VicEnz0`hcp] g
[Godmax] sheep NOT wasted
[Godmax] at all
[Godmax] now lets continue
[VicEnz0`hcp] oh not gg
[Godmax] ah the fucker
[`Pn`Frutiloops] lol
[dPxChelsea] i could training a bit with that kb :/
[Godmax] 1hp wtf
[dPxChelsea] enter is so smaller
[Sensei`hcp] should have pushed gromoslaw on drum and then fuck him next turn
[Godmax] man
[`Pn`Frutiloops] some1 hates chelsea so much
[Godmax] we got other priorities
[Sensei`hcp] ... wrong shit max.
[`Pn`Frutiloops] focus
[Godmax] no the tactics are clear
[Godmax] well
[Godmax] well
[VicEnz0`hcp] well
[`Pn`Frutiloops] well
[Godmax] shit
[Godmax] carlos dead?
[Godmax] nope
[`Pn`Frutiloops] neh
[`Pn`Frutiloops] do ur thing
[dPxChelsea] gg
[VicEnz0`hcp] g
[VicEnz0`hcp] g
[`Pn`Frutiloops] gg
[Godmax] now lets fuck the hussar
[`Pn`Frutiloops] ofc
[Godmax] we gotta fuck him
[Godmax] fuck
[Throsti`] Halt die Fresse
[Godmax] shirt fuck
[Godmax] -r
[Godmax] dont fuck maese now
[Godmax] careful fruti
[Godmax] i know what you are planning
[Throsti`] Blasen bitte.
[Godmax] dont fuck the maese
[`Pn`Frutiloops] careful is my speciality
[Godmax] it sure isnt
[Godmax] ah fuck off med kit
[Throsti`] Lecken mein Schwanz
[`Pn`Frutiloops] :c
[Godmax] ok i am fucked
[`Pn`Frutiloops] kinda
[Godmax] nope
[Godmax] its ok
[Godmax] now fuck that luto
[Godmax] fly like a man
[Godmax] bazooka to asshole
[Godmax] now
[Godmax] ok ok
[Godmax] YES
[Godmax] YES
[Godmax] FUCK
[Godmax] good
[VicEnz0`hcp] woooooooow
[`Pn`Frutiloops] heh
[dPxChelsea] more lucky than skill xD
[Godmax] that was beautiful
[`Pn`Frutiloops] jealous
[Godmax] the skill is blinding me
[`Pn`Frutiloops] :v
[Godmax] its damn beautiful
[`Pn`Frutiloops] dammit
[Godmax] FUCKED
[`Pn`Frutiloops] whyyy
[Godmax] ok he will eat kids ass
[Godmax] now prob
[Godmax] you will survive
[Godmax] -w
[`Pn`Frutiloops] lol
[Sensei`hcp] you guys are pretty much fkd
[`Pn`Frutiloops] i'll surviveee
[VicEnz0`hcp] lol
[`Pn`Frutiloops] i will survive
[`Pn`Frutiloops] eeh hey
[Godmax] close his ass
[Godmax] just close his ass
[Godmax] amateurhour
[`Pn`Frutiloops] dammit
[Sensei`hcp] lol
[Godmax] amateurhour
[VicEnz0`hcp] hahahah
[Godmax] ok kid is history
[VicEnz0`hcp] i see lag
[Godmax] ahhhh
[`Pn`Frutiloops] kid was a distraction
[Godmax] chelsea tactics?
[Sensei`hcp] they see me lagging, they hatin
[`Pn`Frutiloops] lol
[Godmax] AMATEUR
[Sensei`hcp] AHAHHAA
[Godmax] i dont believe it
[`Pn`Frutiloops] see?
[Godmax] thank god
[VicEnz0`hcp] o......o
[`Pn`Frutiloops] kill zafrada
[Sensei`hcp] oooh this is win shot
[`Pn`Frutiloops] kill me with him
[`Pn`Frutiloops] finish me
[Godmax] want me to try and hit him?
[`Pn`Frutiloops] m8
[`Pn`Frutiloops] do it
[Sensei`hcp] if you hit it, worm will explode on drum
[`Pn`Frutiloops] no regrets
[Throsti`] tott
[VicEnz0`hcp] no remorse
[`Pn`Frutiloops] amateur!
[Godmax] nope
[Sensei`hcp] omg.. so bad
[Godmax] too far
[Godmax] i am not g od
[`Pn`Frutiloops] i see
[Godmax] yeah
[`Pn`Frutiloops] ded
[Throsti`] Schlampe.
[Godmax] ok now concentrate on position
[Godmax] fly away....
[Godmax] you cant attack him
[`Pn`Frutiloops] ofc i will
[`Pn`Frutiloops] forts
[Sensei`hcp] you got good shot kid
[Godmax] oh n o
[dPxChelsea] easy nade
[Sensei`hcp] now you lost boys!
[Godmax] that an aimbotkill
[Godmax] big time
[VicEnz0`hcp] :D
[`Pn`Frutiloops] neh
[Godmax] oh yes
[`Pn`Frutiloops] i am
[`Pn`Frutiloops] he should be scared
[Godmax] OHHHH
[Godmax] he wants the good stuff
[Godmax] damn he needs the good stuff
[VicEnz0`hcp] 150
[`Pn`Frutiloops] not the big deal
[Godmax] lets start shooting
[`Pn`Frutiloops] aim higher man
[Sensei`hcp] good idea.
[Godmax] hp is not with us
[dPxChelsea] go nade 28
[`Pn`Frutiloops] 28 secs
[`Pn`Frutiloops] nooooo
[Godmax] the fire....
[Godmax] what a positgion
[dPxChelsea] also ok ;D
[VicEnz0`hcp] g
[VicEnz0`hcp] g
[`Pn`Frutiloops] now you have to act like me
[`Pn`Frutiloops] to win
[`Pn`Frutiloops] just as i did
[`Pn`Frutiloops] i am ur master
[Godmax] its over cant fuck that much hp
[`Pn`Frutiloops] u can
[Godmax] nope
[VicEnz0`hcp] plop him
[Godmax] maybe he fucks himself
[Godmax] thats an option
[`Pn`Frutiloops] plop is always the answer
[VicEnz0`hcp] hmmm
[Throsti`] :*
[Sensei`hcp] lol
[dPxChelsea] i would stay there and throw nades :P
[`Pn`Frutiloops] and petrols
[Sensei`hcp] chelsea is on edge
[`Pn`Frutiloops] theyre answers too
[VicEnz0`hcp] g
[VicEnz0`hcp] g
[`Pn`Frutiloops] gg
[Sensei`hcp] 35
[Godmax] they got sheep
[Godmax] good to know
[VicEnz0`hcp] 12
[dPxChelsea] gg
[`Pn`Frutiloops] dude
[HussarTDC] gg
[`Pn`Frutiloops] u made me waste our sheep

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Game #222034, reported by Chelsea
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This was already uploaded :/
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Re: Game #222034, reported by Chelsea
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This was already uploaded :/

Godmax agreed to I report our win as group game, to we have all games played. ;)