January 17, 2019, 04:20 PM

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Mine Madness Cup #10
Knockout, Round 2
April 09, 2018, 12:00 AM
Germany UC dS Kf
Gained 5 points
Lost 5 points

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1 - 0
Information Cup name: : #1050: Mine Madness Cup #10
Cup scheme(s):
Mine Madness

Game Result: 3:2
Watch The Game Replay(s):
Downloaded 399 time(s).
Game Map(s)

Mine Madness by PyroMan ;D by PyroMan
1800 x 3200, PNG, 42.94 KB, Downloaded 170 time(s)

mm remix by PyroMan, PePaR
3600 x 1600, PNG, 61.23 KB, Downloaded 144 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[UC`Hurz`dS] funz
[ZaLO] funs = )
[UC`Hurz`dS] classic idiot :D
[ZaLO] bl
[UC`Hurz`dS] was just stupid lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] eh could you do me a fav and try to avoid ropeaiming? it hurts my eyes :D
[ZaLO] damn
[UC`Hurz`dS] ew
[ZaLO] can't
[ZaLO] rope is there >>> so...
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol @ own hit
[UC`Hurz`dS] woopsie
[ZaLO] bl
[UC`Hurz`dS] wtf
[UC`Hurz`dS] wild miss :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] ey stop pushing me arpund
[UC`Hurz`dS] o
[ZaLO] damn
[UC`Hurz`dS] ah cmon
[UC`Hurz`dS] hectical.
[UC`Hurz`dS] ok ic why you use rope :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] grr
[UC`Hurz`dS] should have mg'd for all
[UC`Hurz`dS] uff
[UC`Hurz`dS] hoped to hit some mine up there :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] no place for direct
[UC`Hurz`dS] *this is no
[UC`Hurz`dS] oho
[UC`Hurz`dS] :)
[UC`Hurz`dS] orly
[UC`Hurz`dS] uff
[UC`Hurz`dS] gg
[UC`Hurz`dS] risky :D
[ZaLO] if only
[ZaLO] it stayed...

[ZaLO] funs
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol bl
[ZaLO] ^ ^
[UC`Hurz`dS] stupid survivors :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] uh
[UC`Hurz`dS] that hurz
[ZaLO] :S
[UC`Hurz`dS] seriously
[UC`Hurz`dS] merde
[UC`Hurz`dS] weee
[ZaLO] ofcourse
[UC`Hurz`dS] pfff
[ZaLO] ehh..
[UC`Hurz`dS] :D
[ZaLO] yeah yeah...
[ZaLO] enjoy your victory
[UC`Hurz`dS] argh
[UC`Hurz`dS] i doubt somehow
[ZaLO] ffs
[UC`Hurz`dS] ew
[UC`Hurz`dS] bl
[UC`Hurz`dS] and i survived even
[ZaLO] yeah...
[UC`Hurz`dS] cmon!
[UC`Hurz`dS] that would have been quite epic ;)
[UC`Hurz`dS] oops
[UC`Hurz`dS] dat miss
[UC`Hurz`dS] oh
[UC`Hurz`dS] there
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] gg
[UC`Hurz`dS] sry for bitching
[UC`Hurz`dS] that 1 shot where i SHOULd aim :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] given round...

[ZaLO] we both risked
[UC`Hurz`dS] funz
[UC`Hurz`dS] ya
[ZaLO] funs
[UC`Hurz`dS] you didnt move
[UC`Hurz`dS] uff almost flew right straight up into mine :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] was covered by name
[UC`Hurz`dS] uh
[UC`Hurz`dS] hmm actually didnt want mg but ok :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] wow
[ZaLO] bl
[UC`Hurz`dS] f4 instead 3 :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] i need too long to travel atm lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] aw
[UC`Hurz`dS] boo
[UC`Hurz`dS] oh
[UC`Hurz`dS] :o
[UC`Hurz`dS] bl
[UC`Hurz`dS] malaka
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol!
[ZaLO] ffs
[UC`Hurz`dS] sorry :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] lamo
[UC`Hurz`dS] ahahaha
[ZaLO] bl
[ZaLO] ;o
[UC`Hurz`dS] pro knock :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] aw
[UC`Hurz`dS] shitpiss
[UC`Hurz`dS] so slowbrained
[UC`Hurz`dS] ouch
[ZaLO] ehh
[UC`Hurz`dS] vbl
[UC`Hurz`dS] nope
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] mine was in the way :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] ehm
[UC`Hurz`dS] aw
[UC`Hurz`dS] gg
[ZaLO] gg

[UC`Hurz`dS] i was wondering what scheme to pick for next cup i host...
[UC`Hurz`dS] think i wont go for popularity :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] drown prolly
[ZaLO] ghost knocking
[UC`Hurz`dS] was considering open poll to see what scheme ppl would join
[UC`Hurz`dS] but
[UC`Hurz`dS] then got lazy making it :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] some lottery
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] bad gambling :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] gj
[ZaLO] ty
[UC`Hurz`dS] aw
[UC`Hurz`dS] as always...
[ZaLO] bl
[UC`Hurz`dS] woah
[ZaLO] n1
[UC`Hurz`dS] t
[UC`Hurz`dS] wanted worm 1 but too late for better place :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] ew
[UC`Hurz`dS] lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] not that i didnt see that pixel :D
[ZaLO] ehh...
[UC`Hurz`dS] at least i survive too now ;:D
[UC`Hurz`dS] uhh
[UC`Hurz`dS] vbl
[UC`Hurz`dS] oh
[UC`Hurz`dS] ofc
[ZaLO] cool
[UC`Hurz`dS] haha
[UC`Hurz`dS] awww
[UC`Hurz`dS] ;D;D
[UC`Hurz`dS] calculated ofc lol
[UC`Hurz`dS] gg
[UC`Hurz`dS] or survival :)
[UC`Hurz`dS] guessable not hehe
[ZaLO] gg
[UC`Hurz`dS] gg

[UC`Hurz`dS] funz
[ZaLO] funs = )
[UC`Hurz`dS] noob turn :)
[UC`Hurz`dS] but that pile looked like mg :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] how did i miss half of oit :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] haha
[UC`Hurz`dS] calvin lived then not :D
[ZaLO] = )
[UC`Hurz`dS] ouch ;D
[ZaLO] ehh
[UC`Hurz`dS] dat chain
[UC`Hurz`dS] aaah
[ZaLO] bl
[UC`Hurz`dS] that sucked :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] pff
[UC`Hurz`dS] not what i wanted :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] heh
[UC`Hurz`dS] uh
[UC`Hurz`dS] almost lived
[UC`Hurz`dS] go away
[UC`Hurz`dS] bl
[ZaLO] gg
[UC`Hurz`dS] grr
[UC`Hurz`dS] gg?
[UC`Hurz`dS] u got 4 worms :D
[UC`Hurz`dS] !
[UC`Hurz`dS] dat survival
[UC`Hurz`dS] oops
[UC`Hurz`dS] meh
[UC`Hurz`dS] aw
[UC`Hurz`dS] ggs

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