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Game #223133, reported by Scully, Viewed 282 Time(s)

Group 2
July 05, 2018, 09:15 PM
Russian Federation S3 BrS
Sum: Gained 5 points
Canada S3
Sum: Gained 5 points
Sum: Lost 5 points
Sum: Lost 5 points

Game Rate
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Players history No players history is available for singles 2v2 or 3v3.
Information Cup name: : #1049: 2ND MOLE CHAMPIONSHIP 2VS2 (2018)
Cup scheme(s):
Mole Shopper

Game Result: 2:0
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Game Chat(s)
[Scully-A-] hf & gl
[Liav] enjoy
[koci] gl
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: so
[koci] :D
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: left drum?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: ok
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: yes
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: no need to stairs though xd
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: why not
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: blow beside it more to left
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: damn, mole got stuck
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: my plan?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: told you I'm not feeling well for this
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: that's fine!
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: I wish I didn't have that dream
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: you didn't hit yourself, relax
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: block?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: but plan went wrong!
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: let's not discuss our faults, please
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: hum
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: block them
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: spread them
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: guess I'll have to blow him up
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: yeah
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: worst day to play
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: not discuss that
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: didn't even hide where I wanted
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: -2 already
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: stop it
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: just not my game here :/
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: turn on some good music
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: my plan?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: mole up
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: al pacino
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: damn
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: only now that I saw where vegan teled
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: now pulpul opens top
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: -3 lol
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: we're playing on dark side
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: not a problem
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: depression is much worse
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: it's like letting them win
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: relax!
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: fuck
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: -5
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: stop it, please
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: this game is shit
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: STOP IT!
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: -6
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: I really can't play like I do
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: you're crying too much, take yourslelf in freaking hands
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: life's way too bad to think about a game
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: plan?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: block leif
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: there is a difference between the right move and the less bad one
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: we're already at that point
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: blocked worms is blocking
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: bad move
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: tele?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: why fell?
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: missclicked
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: 2 uzis
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: what a shit scheme :D
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: my plan?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: I'm not even caring to think ahead
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: I'm thinking in the present
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: well, time to figgure smth out
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: sheep launcher
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: not to mention my lunch time is already here
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: turn the music that i sent u in steam
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: nah
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: torch to crate
[Liav] bl
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: well, don't panic
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: like I'm caring
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: this isn't our real game
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: if we play a 2nd round now, we'll sure
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: lose*
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: you won't lose this one
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: it's already lost
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: it's not
[koci] good thinking
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: brb in 7 mins
[koci] XD
[koci] :D
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: gj
[koci] shiet
[Liav] :D
[koci] gj
[Liav] ty
[Liav] n1
[koci] <<<hide
[koci] nooooooooooooooooooooo
[koci] bl as fuck
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: ah forgot
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: that was open
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: but well
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: he won't have time to get to me so it's ok
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: np
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: haha!
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: you get him
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: he didn't see it
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: wind saved his ass lol
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: too risky now
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: jump wouldn't reach
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: he won't have time to get to me, don't worry
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: lol?
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: mole him
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: how?
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: ah, you cant
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: just block then
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: I think I'll torch left
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: to get that area
[koci] ok i will drink more
[Liav] water?
[koci] jezus water
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: ah no
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: he can get me from under
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: I'll open on right
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: risky
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: very
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: damn
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: ha!
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: wouldn't have time to get to that tunnel
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: uff
[koci] petrol
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: lol
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: what is he doing
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: he will be opened for mole
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: I changed my plan in the last time, should've have done that as I was trusting wind anyway
[koci] fuck
[Scully-A-] gg
[Liav] gg
[S3`Magnus] bg
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: let's finish it

Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: i can plop him
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: ye noticed
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: that's a difficult task for me
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: like
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: aim mole to go near him on the right and
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: blow when it's more under him than beside him
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: i'll show you with girder where i'll explode him
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: and write y or n
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: ok
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: more down
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: a little bit more
[Liav] oh oh?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: too far :S
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: yeah, but not fatal, at least
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: you blew his holy
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: he won't do that
[Scully-A-] nt
[koci] VNT
[Liav] ty
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: i need smth good
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: will be blocked :(
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: torch to crates?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: block him from crates
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: sure?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: yes
[koci] y
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: crates?
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: y
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: plan?
[koci] awww
[koci] bad hide
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: block pulpul
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: they got nana
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: ideas?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: mole up and blow crate
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: or beside it
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: better
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: like you did
[koci] <<< of leif?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: I think
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: recover your top tunnel
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: oh but
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: tricky
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: I'll tele right to crate with you I guess
[koci] perfecto
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: k
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: with jump
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: this one
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: nah
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: if they have cows, I'm dead there
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: good
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: we have them
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: blow left drum?
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: so?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: ok, di to from more left and hide on left side of tunnel
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: do it from*
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: clusters :>
[koci] kill him
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: ok, time to attack
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: here's the plan
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: I'll open and then you worm select kill those 2
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: hehe!
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: what about hide
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: left top tunnel
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: could be too late
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: you can go under them from left
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: nah
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: you can do it
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: lol
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: it's open I think
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: fast walk
[Liav] oh oh
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: funny
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: a bit
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: kinda the same happened previous game
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: what exactly
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: one of them teams died first
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: 2 worms
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: command now xd
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: well yo ucan only open to right
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: hum
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: just thinking if
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: use mole
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: and go up
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: open to right
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: but go up with mole
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: don't forget they have banana
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: don't open him
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: blwo
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: what's now
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: I guess try a maybe 3 sec cluster
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: and then hide on right hole
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: there?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: ye or 2 sec?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: dunno
[koci] fial
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: go up
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: >
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: block pulpul and
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: maybe hide on right? or on top?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: now on top
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: stay there
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: up
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: unblockable
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: 1 cow?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: won't kill him
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: it will
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: look
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: it wont
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: here
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: and
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: its gonna
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: open the other one
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: don't do it
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: kami or torch and let him stuck
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: but kami with jump
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: just torch
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: without opening
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: you need to hide from air
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: hide on right and make a bridge
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: to go back to left after
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: wrong side
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: napalm gets you there
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: now I'm thinking of making a mole tunnel from your cave to near leif
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: but without falling down
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: I mean, send mole from tunnel
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: just so
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: or i can kill leif
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: next turn you can kill him
[koci] i piced up nice music
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: how?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: don't make yourself exposed
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: no no
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: I mean send it down to near him
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: so you can kill him after from the cave
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: damn
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: oh damn
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: do they have grav?
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: no
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: block both with long girder
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: wait
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: can you spread them too?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: yeah
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: it works
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: no no
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: both
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: block both
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: but maybe under the girder is open, not sure
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: I think it is
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: send them a banana from above
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: to blow it sitting
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: grav + nana will kill him
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: oh
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: we have 1 more nana
[koci] no
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: but remember you need to survive too
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: don't pressipitate
[koci] 0.5 sec for good hide
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: you can hide down after
Scully-A-..S3`Magnus: grav?
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: no
[Liav] gg
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: maybe
[koci] oho
S3`Magnus..Scully-A-: cluster?
[Liav] oh yes
[Scully-A-] gg
[Scully-A-] thx for game

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Game #223133, reported by Scully
« on: July 06, 2018, 10:04 AM »
that 1st round... nice piece of fighting for survival, congrats

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bl with that bungee, koci