August 18, 2019, 07:58 AM

Game #224470, Viewed 119 Time(s)

Elite Cup
Knockout, Round 1
February 10, 2019, 06:35 PM
Italy FUB bui
Gained 5 points
Finland TdC VDV S17
Lost 5 points

Game Rate
3 / 5
Total Members Voted: 1
Players history
1 - 0
3 - 2
Information Cup name: : #1068: Elite Cup
Cup scheme(s):

Game Result: 2:0
Watch The Game Replay(s):
Downloaded 152 time(s).
Game Map(s)

Random generated map by the game.
1920 x 696, LEV, 0.03 KB, Downloaded 0 time(s)

Random generated map by the game.
1920 x 696, LEV, 0.03 KB, Downloaded 1 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[dt-Virus] hfgl
[TdCxSenator] hf
[FUB`Sbaffo] gl
[TdCxSenator] hm
[FUB`Sbaffo] lmao nice
[TdCxSenator] not planned
[FUB`Sbaffo] knew it :D
[TdCxSenator] n
[FUB`Sbaffo] i have a dream
[FUB`Sbaffo] that one day there'll be no fucking girders in any scheme
[TdCxSenator] xD
[TdCxSenator] just like u planned?
[FUB`Sbaffo] kind of
[TdCxSenator] asddas
[FUB`Sbaffo] ;)
[TdCxSenator] aww
[TdCxSenator] too much dmg
[TdCxSenator] damn pushes :D
[FUB`Sbaffo] not so effective tho
[TdCxSenator] sdg<,ls<dg,.
[TdCxSenator] not there
[FUB`Sbaffo] lol
[TdCxSenator] why didnt i use sheep ..
[FUB`Sbaffo] gg wp
[TdCxSenator] gg

[TdCxSenator] hf
[TdCxSenator] damn
[TdCxSenator] i was supposed to chute to the other worm
[FUB`Sbaffo] excuse me what
[FUB`Sbaffo] whata are you doing kb
[FUB`Sbaffo] good one
[TdCxSenator] so close to the mine
[TdCxSenator] omg im stupid
[TdCxSenator] i just needed to prevent bat
[TdCxSenator] not block
[TdCxSenator] n
[FUB`Sbaffo] lool
[FUB`Sbaffo] xd
[TdCxSenator] realized wind wasnt strong enough when it was too late to do something else
[FUB`Sbaffo] i pressed v instead of space
[FUB`Sbaffo] nt
[TdCxSenator] asking to get naded
[FUB`Sbaffo] da heck did i do
[FUB`Sbaffo] w/e i can't play without the kb xd
[FUB`Sbaffo] think we'll play the third one in a couple days because i gotta eat after this one
[TdCxSenator] playing with laptop?
[FUB`Sbaffo] ye i have a keyboard as well but i'm too lazy to plug it
[TdCxSenator] ha
[FUB`Sbaffo] why the fuck does this keep happening
[TdCxSenator] too late after food?
[FUB`Sbaffo] i can't cuz i'm leaving my house so i have to clean it
[TdCxSenator] well this isnt even decided yet xd
[FUB`Sbaffo] who cares i already got bored honestly xd
[FUB`Sbaffo] i wanted to play allround pos i need the money bro
[TdCxSenator] just saying we might need to play 3rd
[TdCxSenator] might not*
[FUB`Sbaffo] unless you alt + f4 or screw up hard i don't think so
[FUB`Sbaffo] yo look at that
[FUB`Sbaffo] fucking porco dio
[FUB`Sbaffo] key lock....
[TdCxSenator] saw that
[TdCxSenator] bl
[TdCxSenator] omg
[TdCxSenator] what am i doing
[FUB`Sbaffo] excellent
[TdCxSenator] wow
[TdCxSenator] perfect
[FUB`Sbaffo] wa is the luckiest game on earth
[FUB`Sbaffo] but you get the luck only when you don't need it you know what i'm saying
[FUB`Sbaffo] rofl
[TdCxSenator] told u :D
[TdCxSenator] gg
[FUB`Sbaffo] gg wp xd
[FUB`Sbaffo] cya man see ya next week for pos

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