June 17, 2019, 09:59 AM

Game #224649, reported by DENnis, Viewed 89 Time(s)

Big Zar RR Zar version of Big RR
Group 2
April 12, 2019, 10:17 PM
Germany FD
Gained 5 points
United Kingdom ZaR
Lost 5 points

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1 - 0
Information Cup name: : #1080: Big Zar RR
Cup scheme(s):
Big Zar Rope Race

Game Result: 1:0
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Game Map(s)

BIG RR 27 by C-real
6000 x 6000, PNG, 2.95 MB, Downloaded 112 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[DENnis`FD] hf
[LEGiON`ZaR] plops?
[LEGiON`ZaR] could end quickly xD
[LEGiON`ZaR] hf
[DENnis`FD] dunno
[DENnis`FD] random pick
[LEGiON`ZaR] welp
[DENnis`FD] rm
[LEGiON`ZaR] gg
[DENnis`FD] or?

[LEGiON`ZaR] hf
[DENnis`FD] aw
[LEGiON`ZaR] lol
[DENnis`FD] we should turn health on, too XD
[LEGiON`ZaR] that would be interesting
[DENnis`FD] :)
[DENnis`FD] In my FUN Tower Race scheme I got Health and FD on, and ultra small power banana, under power1
[LEGiON`ZaR] will never get used to no chute lol
[LEGiON`ZaR] cool
[DENnis`FD] yes rlly strange
[DENnis`FD] cool to find ppl who play bigrr :)) I was playing very many surfgames with doc and claire the last days :D
[LEGiON`ZaR] sure. big rr is mostly all i play
[DENnis`FD] nice, i m working on my first bigrr right now :))
[LEGiON`ZaR] great
[DENnis`FD] lol pressed ESC instead of F1
[DENnis`FD] then brainlag
[DENnis`FD] what the f...lagpoles xd
[LEGiON`ZaR] completed a full turn wtf xD
[LEGiON`ZaR] gg
[DENnis`FD] wee gg :D
[DENnis`FD] ty for the game
[LEGiON`ZaR] ty
[LEGiON`ZaR] you able to report it?
[DENnis`FD] yes
[LEGiON`ZaR] cool
[DENnis`FD] :)
[DENnis`FD] see you soon
[LEGiON`ZaR] bb
[DENnis`FD] have fun

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