June 17, 2019, 09:57 AM

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Big Zar RR Zar version of Big RR
Group 2
April 13, 2019, 03:14 AM
Germany FD
Gained 5 points
Russian Federation Pn ZaR dS
Lost 5 points

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1 - 0
Information Cup name: : #1080: Big Zar RR
Cup scheme(s):
Big Zar Rope Race

Game Result: 1:0
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Game Chat(s)
[DENnis`FD] cup game now okay
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] Have fun and good luck
[DENnis`FD] almost 5am :D
`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS ye real shit now
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] Hurz plays at this time too
[DENnis`FD] cool
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] eheheh
[DENnis`FD] hi :D
[DENnis`FD] aw
[DENnis`FD] waiting for uXD
[DENnis`FD] (:
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] whole Fd would like this cup
[DENnis`FD] yes :D tell them to stop breaks xd
[DENnis`FD] i m playing mainly surf fly freestyle shopper with doc and claire. that'sreal fun, too;D
[DENnis`FD] boomrace
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] aw
[DENnis`FD] au au
[DENnis`FD] I rlly like this map, because when a mapmaker is good enough to paint arrows i can concentrate on roping:D
[DENnis`FD] and having fun !D
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] thats true
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] arrows are useful for healess people like me
[DENnis`FD] xd or sleepy ones at 5am..
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] headless*
[DENnis`FD] just followme d:
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] "just" my as))
[DENnis`FD] wee
[DENnis`FD] kickfly worked:DD
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] its over
[DENnis`FD] np goodfor practise:D
[DENnis`FD] everybody who has fun wins :D
[DENnis`FD] ve*
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] pfffffff
[DENnis`FD] boomrace 3
[DENnis`FD] ow
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] i wish there was a mode where the roping path get unrevealed just before your worm xD
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] so you have to adapt literally on the fly
[DENnis`FD] haha theres another roperace style, try with instant mines or indimask, to break the leader:D
[DENnis`FD] ops
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] i made DigRR with Exzo
[DENnis`FD] doc and me just were testing the indimask he got, u can shoot some placesand some not
[DENnis`FD] rllfun too
[DENnis`FD] gg
[`Pn`Xan`ViP`dS] GG
[DENnis`FD] ty for the game:))
[DENnis`FD] we can darts now for relaxing
[DENnis`FD] xd

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