October 20, 2021, 09:25 AM

Game #229019, reported by mzkah, Viewed 105 Time(s)

Knockout, Round 1
October 10, 2021, 06:55 PM
Ukraine AQUA
Sum: Gained 5 points
Russian Federation
Sum: Gained 5 points
Mexico MOLE
Sum: Lost 5 points
Mexico MOLE
Sum: Lost 5 points

Game Rate
Not rated yet
Players history No players history is available for singles 2v2 or 3v3.
Information Cup name: : #1120: MOLE CHAMPIONSHIP 2VS2 (2022)
Cup scheme(s):
Weapons don't go to the next rounds

Game Result: 2:1
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Game Map(s)

Hospital Moles by TheMadCharles, Plutonic
1920 x 696, PNG, 29.45 KB, Downloaded 241 time(s)

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1920 x 696, PNG, 537.89 KB, Downloaded 2 time(s)

Epic World by Zalo
1920 x 696, PNG, 629.97 KB, Downloaded 5 time(s)

Game Chat(s)
[mzkah] hf
[danie] hf
[ZorroX] hf
[ZorroX] bo3
[ZorroX] (2 wins needed)
[ZorroX] oho
Shark..mzkah: cop, o eao)))
mzkah..Shark: )
Shark..mzkah: eeop3
[ZorroX] hmmm
Shark..mzkah: oa eo
mzkah..Shark: oe ay ey?
[danie] shit
[ZorroX] I need to see the replay, it looked like you hit too high
[danie] yeah
[ZorroX] but no arrow in the wall too
[ZorroX] strange
[danie] glitchy bow
[danie] ye :P
[ZorroX] damn
Shark..mzkah: ooa
mzkah..Shark: )
ZorroX..mzkah: and just get access to the top
mzkah..Shark: apayo c aao
[ZorroX] gj
Shark..mzkah: e copa
[Shark] c быcтpoй xoтьбoй
mzkah..Shark: ye
Shark..mzkah: yoe
mzkah..Shark: e a
mzkah..Shark: capy oooa
mzkah..Shark: apoc
mzkah..Shark: xo a a
[Shark] живyчий гaд я peшил нaдeждo 97%
[ZorroX] lag?
mzkah..Shark: e ey paco peo
mzkah..Shark: c apayo py
[Shark] вылaзь
[Shark] 2 пpoтив oднoгo
Shark..mzkah: o eep e
mzkah..Shark: aa
Shark..mzkah: poco oca ay
mzkah..Shark: e
[Shark] ты зaeбaл пpыгaть
[Shark] дoпpыгaлcя))))
[Shark] пpoшлый xoди этoт
mzkah..Shark: a a e pac
Shark..mzkah: aa
[ZorroX] higher
[ZorroX] muuuuch higher
[ZorroX] :O
[Shark] жги eгo
[Shark] coбиpaй ящики
[Shark] xoтя нeт
mzkah..Shark: o o oy oca
[ZorroX] looks good
mzkah..Shark: e
[Shark] 103 vs 102
[ZorroX] TOP
[ZorroX] tOP
[ZorroX] how is that a block even??
[ZorroX] what are we doing? :O
[Shark] LOL
[ZorroX] what was that?? :O
[ZorroX] that wasn't even a block
[danie] shut up pls
[Shark] блoкaй caм ми cкaзaли))
[ZorroX] 0:1
[ZorroX] well deserved
[mzkah] gg
[danie] gg

[mzkah] hf
[ZorroX] hf
mzkah..Shark: o)
mzkah..Shark: py po
[mzkah] n1
[ZorroX] t
[ZorroX] shotgun
[danie] gj
[ZorroX] gj
mzkah..Shark: ya capa
mzkah..Shark: a coo aa aa aa? a)))
[Shark] 30
[Shark] тoкa кpoтoм нo тaм нaдo идeaльнo
mzkah..Shark: aa
mzkah..Shark: ce xopoo cea
[ZorroX] gj
Shark..mzkah: oa
[Shark] или кpoт
mzkah..Shark: a a y oxoy)
[Shark] в пpoшлoм payндe видaл cкoкa пoвopoтoв былo тo мы иx тo oни нac
[ZorroX] ty
mzkah..Shark: ao e
[ZorroX] yes go there
[ZorroX] actually...
[ZorroX] ty
[ZorroX] hmm
[ZorroX] maybe
[ZorroX] ty
mzkah..Shark: y x ocaoc ?
[Shark] лг?
mzkah..Shark: oy pa
[Shark] нeт
mzkah..Shark: a ocaoc
[ZorroX] 1:1
[mzkah] gg
[danie] gg

[danie] hf
[ZorroX] hf
mzkah..Shark: xyoe y ac o oao
[danie] oh come on
mzkah..Shark: e ep
mzkah..Shark: oe y a oy oo
mzkah..Shark: o a oe xopoo
[ZorroX] gj
[danie] t
[ZorroX] bl
[Shark] copян
mzkah..Shark: e oco e xo?
[ZorroX] I will be nasty now, I am sorry
[ZorroX] soryyy
[Shark] тaк нe былo пepexoдa xoдa
[ZorroX] shit :D
mzkah..Shark: oce e pepac
[danie] :(
[ZorroX] *gj
[danie] t
[ZorroX] = )
[ZorroX] still cows
[ZorroX] I will take care of this mess over here
[ZorroX] ty!
mzkah..Shark: 5 cey oca
[ZorroX] -228
[ZorroX] close
[danie] almost
[danie] gg
[mzkah] :D
[mzkah] gg
[danie] gg
[ZorroX] damn
[Shark] gg
[mzkah] gg
[ZorroX] shit
[mzkah] :D
[mzkah] hahah
[Shark] lol
[mzkah] u crazy

[ZorroX] hf
[Shark] чтo oн xoчeт
mzkah..Shark: coeo a oxy
[ZorroX] damn
mzkah..Shark: aco a
mzkah..Shark: a epx oe c apayo
mzkah..Shark: pyy copoy
[Shark] нepeaльнo
mzkah..Shark: ao
mzkah..Shark: oa eo
mzkah..Shark: eoo e a
mzkah..Shark: o o
[ZorroX] ehh
[ZorroX] ok not next
mzkah..Shark: ep
mzkah..Shark: pe
mzkah..Shark: ep opoo ep
mzkah..Shark: o x pacy
[danie] I saw that coming
mzkah..Shark: yx)
mzkah..Shark: xopo
mzkah..Shark: o yy coea
[Shark] нaмнo, лyчшe coвeты
mzkah..Shark: poco ooy po. ec. ca pea
[Shark] инoгдa мoжнo пoдтyпливaть и нe видeть выгoдныx xoдoв
[Shark] дa я вaщe тo тaк и зaплaниpoвaл eщe нe cдeлaв xoдa))) и дaжe тaк вcтeл чтo б ты вышeл пoтoм
mzkah..Shark: o
mzkah..Shark: cop
Shark..mzkah: a o poy
[danie] fuck
[Shark] oни нe лyчшe)))
mzkah..Shark: )
[mzkah] good
[Shark] пиздeц
mzkah..Shark: o
mzkah..Shark: opoo
mzkah..Shark: eaa e pa o oo
mzkah..Shark: ao o e y ce
mzkah..Shark: ao ya aa acyy
mzkah..Shark: xo oaco a o
mzkah..Shark: oe pac
[mzkah] кopoвy
mzkah..Shark: e e
[Shark] eщë нe вeчep
mzkah..Shark: xo
[ZorroX] gg?
[Shark] gg
[Shark] )))
[danie] ok
[danie] gg
[mzkah] gg
[ZorroX] disgrace
[mzkah] thx for games guyz
[ZorroX] u2
[Shark] 2-1

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Game #229019, reported by mzkah
« on: October 10, 2021, 07:02 PM »
mzkah horosho ))) <3 davai

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Re: Game #229019, reported by mzkah
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Not gonna lie, surprising result!

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Re: Game #229019, reported by mzkah
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Not gonna lie, surprising result!

not really, shark & mzkah have been a far better team. We lack agreement and communication with danie. I think I wouldn't be happy winning this match.