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Game #229697, reported by schillingerpeti79, Viewed 221 Time(s)

Banana Show 2021
Group 1
November 23, 2021, 02:54 AM
Gained 5 points
Uruguay AQUA ZaR
Lost 5 points

Game Rate
0 / 5
Total Members Voted: 1
Players history
1 - 0
Information Cup name: : #1142: Banana Show 2021
Cup scheme(s):
Banana Show by Gelio Cup Scheme

Game Result: 3:1
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Game Map(s)

ban1 by Echiko
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ban2 by Echiko
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ban5 by Echiko
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ban6 by Echiko
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Game Chat(s)
[Dream`Kf] hf
[Stoner] gl
[Stoner] hf
[Dream`Kf] I come to watch Stoner my friend :)
[Stoner] maan i wanted lg
[Stoner] wtf
[ob-blitz0r`ZaR] where the weed at
[Stoner] inside me
[Stoner] LOL
[ob-blitz0r`ZaR] :D
[ob-blitz0r`ZaR] u greedy fucka :D
[ob-blitz0r`ZaR] jk
[Stoner] ohh
[Stoner] ahaha
[Dream`Kf] :D
[Stoner] xd
[Dream`Kf] crazy this
[Dream`Kf] almost like 4 kills in kaos :D
[Stoner] im hating kaos these days heh
[Dream`Kf] :P
[Dream`Kf] focus and you will beat everybody :D
[Stoner] ooh
[Dream`Kf] 5 vs 1
[Dream`Kf] go 5 kills combo :d
[Stoner] fdjfhjkhkjhdfkgjdhfgkjdf
[Stoner] shittttt
[Stoner] oohh
[Stoner] good lord
[Dream`Kf] :(
[Stoner] ok ok
[Stoner] warming here
[Stoner] no worries

[Stoner] i like this map
[Stoner] hfgl
[Dream`Kf] played on it too :)
[Dream`Kf] I think I lost :P
[Dream`Kf] imagine hiding under this colourful cat
[Dream`Kf] hard places to hide in the bottom
[Stoner] that is a nice hide
[schillingerpeti] I'm playing for the honour.
[Stoner] damn
[Dream`Kf] you lost chance of playoffs peti?
[Dream`Kf] I lost my 3 matches so far, won just 2 rounds (lost 9)
[Stoner] ^^
[Dream`Kf] small damage
[Dream`Kf] one of the rounds I won was by Armageddon :P
[Dream`Kf] 2 vs 1 worm
[Dream`Kf] you have Tatsumaki worm ^^
[schillingerpeti] Yes.
[Dream`Kf] there is a trance label called this ^^
[schillingerpeti] And I'm happy on the fact that Lupa isn't here
[Dream`Kf] hehe
[Dream`Kf] he is against you? :D
[Stoner] trance label?
[Stoner] trance? what is that?
[Dream`Kf] music
[Stoner] music?
[Stoner] lol
[schillingerpeti] It seems he doesn't belive my condition
[Dream`Kf] like skills?
[schillingerpeti] And my disability.
[Dream`Kf] ah
[Dream`Kf] I think it's impressive how you play with disability
[Dream`Kf] big respect to you
[Stoner] gg!
[ob-blitz0r`ZaR] gg
[Dream`Kf] gg

[Dream`Kf] hf
[Dream`Kf] :o
[schillingerpeti] I was born earlier, I had a brain haemmorhage, so I'm paralysed to the right side of my body and my right hand doesn't work normally
[Dream`Kf] I think I heard about it
[ob-blitz0r`ZaR] My dad had that i think he is ok now
[Dream`Kf] and ++ respect for you for being able to play competitvely
[ob-blitz0r`ZaR] yeah respect bro
[Stoner] fjhdfhdfghdsajfgsjsd
[Dream`Kf] ye, this is very difficult for complexed keyboard inputs and mouse at the same time
[ob-blitz0r`ZaR] maybe i catch u tomorrow stoner
[ob-blitz0r`ZaR] i'll watch a movie and bed
[Stoner] yeah i think that will be the evbst
[ob-blitz0r`ZaR] gl hf !
[schillingerpeti] Can you explain me something?
[Dream`Kf] ye?
[Stoner] who?
[Stoner] i can lol
[Dream`Kf] aw unlucky banana
[schillingerpeti] Any of you.
[Dream`Kf] ye, what to explain?
[Stoner] hkgfjhlkhj
[schillingerpeti] I constated the weapon panel isn't shared even there is 2vs2
[Dream`Kf] you don't see in 2v2 games?
[Dream`Kf] or what is the exact problem?
[Stoner] dldsfkjdsgfkjsdgfdskgfdshsdjkfhsdfksd
[Stoner] gg
[Dream`Kf] I think if you have 2 teams weapons go to each team separately
[Dream`Kf] depending which team gets it

[Dream`Kf] hf!
[Stoner] hf!!
[Stoner] oh boi
[Dream`Kf] I didn't see this map yet
[schillingerpeti] Good luck!
[schillingerpeti] Buena Suerte
[Dream`Kf] and in hungarian? :)
[Dream`Kf] hungarian is very difficult to me
[schillingerpeti] Sok szerencsét! Or Sok sikert.
[Dream`Kf] cs sound is pronounced "tsch"?
[Stoner] mierdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[Dream`Kf] :P
[schillingerpeti] Now I hate my condition........
[schillingerpeti] Exatly, Dream.
[Dream`Kf] :)
[schillingerpeti] Like "cz" in polish
[Dream`Kf] ah ok, yes, this is what I thought
[Dream`Kf] there is also a tennis player Martoin Fucsovics
[Dream`Kf] Marton*
[Dream`Kf] I wondered if they say it correctly on tv
[Dream`Kf] ah :D
[Dream`Kf] ohh
[Dream`Kf] close one
[Dream`Kf] but doctors say it's impossible to recover full power in that half of body?
[Dream`Kf] or possible?
[Stoner] shahjsdfgsdjhfgdsfhjgsdsd
[Stoner] AGHHHH
[Dream`Kf] gg

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Weedbear Stoner again ofc

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Bravo Peti!