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W:A Content Downloader

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Name: W:A Content Downloader
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Author: Hungary Tomi

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Time: February 16, 2017, 12:22 PM
W:A Content Downloader by Tomi

'Ey lazy ass, this tool is for you! ;)

What is this?
Because a video is worth 10000 words, check this  8) (At the beginning there are no maps in SavedLevels folder, but later.. ;))

So it is basically a tool which let's you download any type of custom content for W:A automatically by one click.
It can extract archives and keeps your files organized.

How to use?
- Click on the browser extension icon
- The external tool will open in the background (minimized)
- New "buttons" will appear on the site when you hover your mouse over a link which points to a supported content type
- If you click on the "button" the tool will start saving that content

- Download the tool and extract it into a not-system folder (eg.: c:\WACD)
- Run WACD.exe
- Click Register Chrome and/or Register Firefox button
- Then Click Install Extension in the row of your preferred browser and add the extension to the browser

The tool is pre-configured, but you can overwrite the default settings.
The tool uses "location patterns" for files. Each content type has a pattern which means how the files should be saved.
Every pattern can have variables which will be replaced with the information from the details site of the content.
The pattern starts from the directory the content type should be placed into (eg.: for Maps, User/SavedLevels).

"%type%/%fileName% by %authors%.%ext%" will save maps grouping into folders by their type and file name will look like: "Map Name by Creator.png"

Supported sites

Supported content types
- Maps
- Mappacks
- Schemes
- Soundbanks
- Fanfares
- Flags
- Graves

Supported browsers
- Firefox
- Chrome (and probably all Chromium based browsers, like Opera, Vivaldi, etc)

System requirements
- It requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or greater installed (Download)
- Supports even Windows XP

Known issues
- Only those contents can be downloaded from which are visible logged out. (eg.: maps with adult content can not be downloaded)

- Open WACD.exe
- Click Unregister Chrome and/or Unregister Firefox
- Open Firefox and/or Chrome, go to the Extensions page and remove W:A Content Downloader extension
- Delete the folder where you extracted the zip

One day I saw a soundbank uploaded by MACIEJJ: C.J. (GTA: SA). It looked so good, but I knew I am lazy to download it, so I made this tool and now I could try it and it is very good! :D

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