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Only CPU Teams battle !!?

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Name: Only CPU Teams battle !!?
Type: Replay
Author: Chile daceking

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2017-06-29 00.21.47 [Offline] Bad Festival, The Vocals, East End Boyz, Monster Kader, Mitsuyu Gang, Senist Empire {sanitized}.WAgame

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Time: July 08, 2017, 09:05 PM
It is known that in Worms Armageddon is not possible to make a game with CPU teams without at least including one human team in the battle, but a weird bug allowed me to make a 6 CPU-only match recently in my portable version.
I have two W:A versions, the official one, and a portable one that I got so I can make more teams for the game.
It is weird, since this bug lasted for a few days, until yesterday, when I opened the official version and everything resetted to the standard settings.
I couldn't include the game log, but by the worms behavior you can see they are not human.
PS. Ignore the teams and worms names, please :(

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File #1224, Only CPU Teams battle !!?
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DC/CS, how do you respond to that?