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Team17's Worms Armageddon CPU flags, usable

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Name: Team17's Worms Armageddon CPU flags, usable
Type: Flag
Author: Team17, I just had 'em converted
Submitted by: Niue TripleQuestionMark

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Time: November 15, 2020, 09:57 AM
You! Yes, you!
Do other users say or write you play like an AI?
Were you or are you still being accused of being a BOT in chats?
Did people poke fun at your voice for sounding like a
text-to-speech engine in elementary school already?
Perhaps a combination of these, or even all of them together?
If so, let me type you :

1- Alas, I know that feel, fellow ("-_-)

2- Since no one else did this (or uploaded them anyway) (SIKE! Seems the CPU "flags" were
already featured inside MadCharles' flag collection.Consider checking it out!),
I decided to take the CPU flags in worms armageddon & have them converted into usable 8-bit Bitmap files!
Meaning you can now download & roleplay as the CPU! (...or go convert the flags yourself, that works too )
To add to the joke, I'd suggest using the "Cyberworms" voice bank,
the vanilla computer gravestone or the "stuckinhere" grave found in the Worms megapack,
copy-pasting the worm names of the CPU teams (perhaps preceding them with something else... maybe "/> " or "id=" ?),
and use a fanfare such as "Fatsynth", "Scifisynth", "Warmsynth", "Magical", "r2d2".

Of course, full credit goes to Team17.

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File #1801, adolf: racist fascist and nazi 07:50 (chat)
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