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10th Anniversary

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It's been 10 years since I launched this website. It's amazing to see many old faces still. I want to thank you all for your activity and contributions to this website. We couldn't make it this far without you.

As a celebration, I will put $100 prize on the next season of the league!  (starting in a couple of days)

Stick around!  8)

Congrats 🎉
Let's hope to see some interesting changes in the league. 8)

Congrats MI, there is a lot of question of how archaic the website is lately, about how TUS is outdated.  I've been around too long, as most everyone knows, and TUS is by far the best worms league this game has ever seen.  Not only has it been more successful in terms of players, but the longevity is unmatched.  Many of the leagues have come and gone quickly as their admins have lost interest in the game, but you have stuck around, with the mostly thankless task of the day to day upkeep on the site.  Thanks for all the tournaments and cups and clan games, WA wouldn't be the same at all to me without it.  The heart of any community is organization for events, and the time for this game is long past when there was many worms websites.  This has been almost the sole platform for people to meet and organize for many years.  I'm fully convinced that outside of DC and CS and their updates, no one has left their mark on the worms community more than you, Alborz. 

Thanks for putting up with all us clowns for the last 10 years, we've been a lot to handle at times, I hope for many more years.

Happy birthday :) :)

Time to take the dust off my kb then! :D

hb TUS  :)

nice speech wally, amen tot that


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