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So the votes are in and plenty of people apparently want to see them return.

Voting has been enabled again, so go on ahead to the voting page and send 'm in!

I've added best worms streamer in the list, because if there's one thing we should be doing more as a community, it's streaming (though I can't deny I wish more people would make worms movies again) and we gotta acknowledge the people that are doing it.

Happy voting!

Few categories I feel could be added:

Best map designer - Who do you think makes the best maps? Take into consideration playability as well as design.

Contribution to WA - Who do you think contributes something special to WA? From creating schemes, maps, streaming, website designing, running leagues, those people who take part and help activity.

Best scheme inventor - Who do you think has a talent for making fun and/or successful schemes? Simply could just be someone you think made the best scheme ever...

Special thanks - No need for a winner here, just write out 3 names you'd like to thank just for being a friend or who spent time with you to help you somehow, i'm sure it'd be nice just to see your name mentioned knowing you done something nice for someone and they appreciate it :)

Sure, I can add those

Also, if people are voting for something that has multiple parts (in the case of one particular vote, WSE in movies), don't forgot to mention which one, because there are several WSE movies.

(Yes, all those words are separate links, and because is 2 links, cause there are more WSE movies then words in that part of the sentence :o )


--- Quote from: TheKomodo on July 29, 2017, 04:30 PM ---Best scheme inventor
--- End quote ---

obviously me

DarkOne, please change:

"Contributed the most to the community"


"Contribution to WA"

I feel it's not about who contributed the most, it's more about who contributed something special, that could be anything and it entirely depends on whatever people think is special to them.

Sometimes the smallest gesture is the most important, ;)

Thanks for adding though :)


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