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Classic league has been reset

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As requested, the overall statistics of classic league has been reset. For those who want to access the previous overall stats they can visit the classic standings page and use the time machine. To avoid confusion for the newbies, the item is the last option in the time machine selectbox. It's called overall era #1.

Everyone is on ground zero on the classic league. Other leagues are untouched. Happy 51st season of TUS Classic league!

The prize on the Classic league is removed. However there's a chance for it to get enabled again in the future.

If you found somewhere on the site which is not working correctly with the reset (which is likely), please open up a topic in the report bug board.

lets see how it'll turn out

i'll try to play few games as well


--- Quote from: Impossible on June 05, 2016, 12:08 PM ---i'll try to play few games as well

--- End quote ---

Me too :)

Games limits are still 15...

btw old stats are bugged, i can't view them in detail

Uahuahuah fart yeah!




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