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Sorry for the big delay. I've been restoring the map database for a while now. Recoded some parts and even improved the map recognition system for both BIT and PNG maps.

Total maps on TUS at the moment: 157,984
Recovered maps: 156,444 (99.0% success)
Missing maps: 1,485

Here's the list of missing maps sorted by author alphabetically. If you have any of them, please send them to me.

Appreciate the work MI.

Last bng replay on tus caught my eye cause it shows the map Xan and myself made (Mirrored BnG mappack).
When I clicked on replay it showed there was no author for the map.
Then I went to mappack folder and it's full of empty thumbnails. Some malfunction is happening, you can check it by yourself.

EDIT: checked few other mappacks and similar things happening on most of them.

Those maps are recovered.

How do I send them to you? Upload to a file thingy and just send you link? Or you have somewhere specific you want me to send them?

I have a bunch of my own ones for sure, I think I have some of the other authors as well.

Also, great work man!

I can see a bunch appear in wmdb too

ARTemych's Epyptian: [REDACTED]
DarkHoodness TF2: [REDACTED]
Djoszee's maps from wmdb: [REDACTED]
my Default@2x: [REDACTED]

try contacting ppl who got affected directly, they most likely have them somewhere

that's all for now... I think

EDIT1: MI claims it's a virus... wtf?


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