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Over $300 prize on Classic league

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Hey guys

Following SPW's footsteps on TEL; I'm gonna do the same on the Classic league. As many of you have noticed, I'm pretty busy in real life and I can't code TUS the way I used to. So currently this is the best way for me to help and get involved again.

I talked to obscure and he came on board too. We decided to each put 100$ on each season of Classic league for the next 3 seasons, making it 200$ prize for each season. If we see positive results (and we're not broke by then), we'll continue renewing it. DarkOne has donated the same amount towards additional prizes.

I will gladly accept if anyone wants to chip in to make the prize more fat! (Chicken23 already offered he will take part) If you'd like to chip in, make a donation to TUS and then let us know for which season your donation belongs to. Here's the path to heaven donation.
Since the final prize is not known yet, we can't say the exact amount for each winner. But the 200$ of me and obscure is guaranteed, so it won't be any lower than that.

Playoffs winner takes all?
No. 200$ won't be only for the playoffs winner. These people will be rewarded with the cash prize:

- Standings #1
- Playoffs qualification spot
- Playoffs runner-up
- Playoffs winner

How the prize is split
There are some suggestions for how to split the prize. Such as:

- Standings #1 (20$)
- Playoffs qualification spot (8 x 10$)
- Playoffs runner-up (20$)
- Playoffs winner (100$)

Additional prizes
- Best shot of the season (20$)
- Best turn of the season (20$)
- Worst shot of the season (20$)
- Worst turn of the season (20$)
- Best Commentary (20$)
- These prizes are not limited to just the classic league, but also Free league, TRL and TEL. Nominations should be of games played within the time of one classic league season.

But since the exact amount is not known, those numbers will change. Like always you can post up your ideas and we may choose the best splitting formula/plan.

What's the requirements to join
You need to have a Paypal or moneybookers account. If you don't have it, you can still play and enjoy high level of competition and measure your skills.

No aliasing
Despite some of you who highly enjoy making aliases with detailed backgrounds, I don't. I won't be paying any aliases and fortunately we know how to detect them. Even if we don't find an alias's true identity, we can detect whether he/she is an alias or not.

No cheating scripts or modules
Well forget the cash prize for now. We never allowed any scripts in our league anyway and we've banned those who cheated for at least two months. Since prize is on stake here, our tolerance on cheating will be much lower. You may get yourself banned for several months. For example getting banned for current season and the season after that.

Latest W:A update
Unfortunately there are cheat modules out there. Some of them only work on older W:A versions; Specially
We do not allow those versions on our league. If you do use them for performance reasons, you need to fix your computer. If you have absolutely no other way, you should avoid playing certain schemes only if we approve.

The biggest point of this move is to gain activity. Please advertise us anywhere you see fit.

Why you just made this right when i got a break xD Does clanners gets money too?

wow MI and obscure you are my new heroes!! Im your new #1 fan now.  Unfortunetly im still on 3.61:X
well whatever, gotta relearn roping on the new update till the next season

Oh, and if Ill ever win money prize, ill surely spend all the cash in kaos cups and tourneys!

Great idea MI,again, I hope more ppl will donate and stake will be really nice, so there will be good and active league again, I wish to donate 100 dollars also, but actually I have not paypal, but I do have neteller and moneybookers, is there a way to donate by thoe methods too?

And also nice idea with that old wa version, yes there are some russian cheatpack which I did not try, but ppl say it works.. fortunatelly it works just with that old version, so lets force ppl update worms or gtfo..  kiss for MI  :-*

I totally agree also that u put that 200 dollars betweeon more ppl, coz most of here will never win PO, but still can get to PO, what is good point to get more activity and more fight, simple more power to tus :D

i haven't paypal too, but im ready to give u 50$ ~. 


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