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Jeez, I can't leave you guys alone for a couple of days...

OK, so a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give Asbest another chance.
Reason being that during the WO editions when things turned to shit, Asbest was impersonated by someone during a tournament, in which the alias insulted people. At that time, there was no reason for Asbest to act the way he's been acting recently. The community at large targetted him and we all know what happened.

As much as Asbest has caused his own downfall, I didn't think he got a fair chance.
Or as Husk wisely put it (you don't have to take my word for it, after all):

--- Quote from: Husk on April 13, 2014, 04:15 PM ---it looks to me like some of the people accusing asbest of insulting are doing the same thing x10 xD

--- End quote ---

Asbest said he would ignore them from now. So I told Asbest - if people are provoking you, let me know and I will act accordingly - as long as he ignores provocation.

As we've clearly seen - he did not ignore provocation. And people didn't stop provocating him. Clearly, Asbest's behaviour was bad, but so was that of other people, who continued to target Asbest.
This includes shoutbox, threads and signatures.

Asbest has shown he does not want to listen to me or anyone else, so Asbest is now banned. He will not be returning to TUS.

Clearly, some people couldn't help themselves to go after Asbest, so these people are now muted.
One of the things were "ban asbest" threads. I'm not going to repeat myself: "ban [...]" threads are not going to make any difference when it comes to our decisions on banning someone.
Asbest's requests have not made any influence on this decision to mute people - they earned that entirely on their own.
People's requests have not made any influence on the decision to ban Asbest - he earned that entirely on his own.

I don't want to see any more of this shit. If you don't like someone, there's a perfectly functioning ignore function on the site:
You don't have to talk to them, there are plenty of other people around.
"They started" is not a valid reason, or there would be plenty of people that would get flamed by me or MI - and you'll find it difficult to find a flamewar by either of us.

Thank you  :)

Had to fight the urge to make a BAN ASBEST NOW GDDMNT thread myself and I can completely understand those who did. TUS was total crap the last week cause of this guy, he really ruined the TUS experience for me when he was here. I surely won't miss him.

I hope the guys that got muted will return soon. Miss 'em already  :(

p.s. I kinda feel that there should be a way to make a general petition to ban someone for the future. Sbaffo's thread was much needed when TUS mods weren't acting/didn't want to act.
I thought the poll result would turn out much worse for Asbest, but a lot of guys still voted to keep him in. Think it was a good way to show how sentiments were.

To give you an example of the amount of time this debacle has cost me (along with the 3 hours it cost me to check all the Asbest-related posts and PMs and shoutbox comments and skype messages):

Moderators do their work because they love the game. We don't need your thanks or adoration or whatnot. We didn't volunteer to this work for any of that.

Personally, I spend a lot of time at work and see enough actual drama there. I don't mind spending time on TUS related work (mostly cups right now) but I don't like having to spend my free time on fake drama that people start because they are bored. If you have any respect for the work moderators do on TUS, it's a very poor way to show that by starting crap like this.


--- Quote from: HHC on April 29, 2014, 10:52 PM ---p.s. I kinda feel that there should be a way to make a general petition to ban someone for the future. Sbaffo's thread was much needed when TUS mods weren't acting/didn't want to act.

--- End quote ---

Did you look at what people were posting about Asbest? I honestly couldn't tell the difference at times. And it's real brave too, to flame one guy as a group.
There were a couple of people that Asbest had problems with. Did he insult you, HHC? Nope. Because you left him alone.

Totally understand you're pissed D1, but hmmm. Most of the stuff there is by Asbest or in response to Asbest behaviour. Shame you were away that long, a lot of sh*t could have been prevented banning him after the very first day when he was still spamming that corset shit.

It's a lot of drama... but really only cause of one fellow.

It'll be quiet now  :-[

@previous msg:
He was asking for it though. He was trolling for the sake of trolling. If 30 or more people tell you to stfu and stop the spam and you choose to ignore it and go on with your drivel (that imo was intended to just piss people off) you totally deserve being 'picked on'.

I had probs with Asbest too, but longer ago. Was about a game, got quite some good insults back then  ;)
Kept quiet this time cause there was enough drama already, and I kept nicely to the rule of not asking you guys to ban his ass. But ae, I sure as hell am glad he's no longer here.

@message below:
Husk never intends to piss people off. And his spam is mostly funny  ;D
When he posts it shows through he's a good guy with a kind heart.
Surely noone hates him.


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