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Rope and Default leagues opened

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It's time to try out something new. We will have new leagues to see who's the best in rope schemes and who's the best in default schemes. Classic league will be disabled for now.

Default league: Elite, Team17, Hysteria, BnG, Intermediate
Rope league: Roper, TTRR, WxW, Shopper, Big RR

If you ask "TUS default anyone", you play 2 schemes from the default league. And if you ask "TUS rope anyone", you play 2 schemes from the rope league.

We will have also allround playoffs every 3 months so the change is not that drastic. When you play a default scheme, the game is counted in both default league and allround league. The same with rope schemes.

Each rope & default season is 2 months and each allround season is 3 months. Each rope/default/allround season is followed by playoffs.

Playoff requirements:

Default league: 40 games
Rope league: 40 games
Allround league: 90 games

Default league: 20 games
Rope league: 20 games
Allround league: 60 games

The first seasons are more or less experimental and we may need to make some adjustments to the system.

Will people still be able to ask for a certain scheme despite the league has been splitted? Lol

Imo it's a bad idea, league was already like this before splitting...

So are there playoffs for default/rope too or just allround?

Edit: oh, playoff requirements, I see

Free league declined?

should be on soon.


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