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They're up :)

Same deal as with previous years, just click on the awards link in the top menu and start voting 8)
If you've got an idea for an award I missed out, post it here and if I like it enough, I'll add it to the bunch.

If you don't know anyone to vote for in a particular category, please don't vote at all. I've seen people vote "I" "don't" "know", which means the wormer called I got 5 points, the wormer called don't got 3 points and the wormer called know got 1 point (if I don't manually remove those votes, but that takes me a lot of time I'd rather spend doing other things)

If a person you want to vote for changes his/her nick, please use the latest nickname only. Otherwise, the points have to be split between fada and zippeurfou or between ghost and gengar or between nappy and tenoritaiga. In other words, you dupe the person you want to win (and me, cause I end up losing my time on that).

For the worms movie, obviously there are a couple of series now (showcase, wse). If you vote for one of these, please specify the number. If you only type showcase, I will assume you voted for the original movie. Same applies to wse, the costage and barman's compilations.

For best worms project, you can fill in just about any project someone has started - map collection, sound bank collection, challenges, leagues (yes, you can vote for TUS classic too if you want), tournament/cup projects, movie projects, the beta upates, whatever you want. As long as someone spends his/her time on in some way improving worms for other people.

best worms project is obviously Chelsea Simulator ae. Coming soon 10.01.2014 [/advertisment]

Best mm player maybe?

Could someone link some drama topics here pls??

I hope to confirm the Hysteria award but this time will be harder because I have been inactive in the last part of the year

is it possible to see the awards of 2012 ?


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