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TUS season 40 winners - prizes all sent

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A bit late, but better late than never, right? :)

Our current list of winners (names in green have received their winnings or have chosen to donate to TUS):

League Prizes:

Lukz: Standings #1 ($20) + Playoffs qualification spot ($10) + Playoffs winner (100$) + Worst shot of the season ($20)
Chelsea: Playoffs qualification spot ($10) + Best shot of the season ($20)
Almog: Playoffs qualification spot ($10)
j0hny: Playoffs qualification spot ($10) + Playoffs runner-up (20$)
Vok: Playoffs qualification spot ($10)
Kinslayer: Playoffs qualification spot ($10)
Nico`: Playoffs qualification spot ($10)
Berria: Playoffs qualification spot ($10)
dibz: Best turn of the season ($20)
skOrpuz: Worst turn of the season ($20)

I have contacted some of the prize winners already, the rest will have to wait until we know how much they will be winning (still in POs)

Additional prizes
Best turn of the season (20$)

1. Game 176695, playback at 12:50
No competition. I mean literally, no competition - no other turn was nominated for this category! But even if there were, it would be tough to beat this one.

Best shot of the season (20$)

1.  Game 177902, playback at 4:03
Well spotted, with a bit of luck with regards to which of the two worms set off the mine, but you can't argue with results!
Well spotted, perfectly executed. As a backup, there was another mine that the 50 HP worm could have been knocked to, as a sort of plan B. Very solid turn overall, although the opponents getting themselves in such a compromising position sure had to have helped.
In the best shot category, I really liked 4.03. "Well spotted" indeed. I may be wrong but it felt it was the least lucky of the 3 shots.

2. Game 175235, playback at 5:16
Natural turn after you spot the funnel shape of the bottom, but still not something everybody would pick up.
Equal part genius and luck, the mine went into the tunnel way too sweetly and came to rest next to the target worm perfectly. I liked this one best because of how fun it was to behold, even if the execution ended up being relatively simple because of how set up everything was for it to happen.

3. Game 175676, playback at 5:10
Great aim, placed the dynamite just right to throw the worm through the small corridor.
Certainly an impressive drop, but I don't see how the plop could have been intended. The surprise factor of it actually happening does give the move extra points in my book, however.

4. Game 175858, playback at 30:20
Great shot, using the strong wind to the best possible advantage.

Game 178081, playback at 3:30
A good shot, no doubt, but nothing we haven't seen before.
Game 176188, playback at 15:57
Accurate shotgun, but nothing too special, especially at this short range.

Game 178464. Nomination disqualified, because no time stamp was mentioned.

Worst shot of the season (20$)

1. Game 176217, playback at 10:57
Several ways to win the match and this one displays a version that loses. Classic supersheep while roping move with disastrous results.
Embarrassingly bad, I loved it! So, so many better options... but nope, went with the one that stood the best chance of backfiring. Well done, sir.
The choice was somewhat difficult, and 2.36 sure was really unfortunate. But I think 10.57 stands out because of the obvious options.

2. Game 175124, playback at 2:36
Ouch, that was horrible, especially dropping the grenade for no apparent reason, other than panic.
Man, what are the chances of getting stuck like that? Absolutely hilarious, there was no coming back after a fail this glorious, literally a showstopper.

3. Game 177565, playback at 22:31
Oh boy, all the really hard work done, then a zook like that. Did he forget to check the wind strength? Thought he'd won already and just half-assed the shot? Adrenaline rush because of the escape through flames immediately before? We may never know...

4. Game 177697, playback at 14:50
So bad, so predictable, so futile! And yet so damn funny that I had to laugh throughout. That it ends up killing ALL the worms is a cherry on top.

5. Game 177077, playback at 24:34
Bad luck there, instant loss

6. Game 176145, playback at 19:29
Seemed like the enter key was broken, nothing too special.

Game 175556, playback at 10:40
Mistake due to not understanding the physics of firepunches, nothing too special.
Game 176402, playback at 5:29
Painful, but nothing too special.
Game 176402, playback at 0:45
Nothing special.
Game 176402, playback at 1:18
Nothing special.

Worst turn of the season (20$)

1. Game 175529, playback at 24:35
Now that's what I'm talking about! If you're going to mess up horribly, do it in style.
Incredibly unfortunate, but also incredibly bad. Yet somehow enjoyable too.
He just had the win without walking down there. xD

2. Game 175931, playback at 7:45
Wasteful turn, and damaging your team mate. Just about everything went wrong here.
The perfect fail, so many layers to it! Messing up the rope, failng to notice he was standing on the edge, the sheep turning around and going over an enemy worm anyway, then the messed up jump that ended his turn, the sheep going through the hole and landing on an ally... If there ever was a time to ragequit, this was it. Congrats!

3. Game 176373, playback at 12:25
Ouch! Missing a shotgun like that is bad enough, but the resulting turn is so devastating.
Wonderfully silly, missing out on first place only due to the fact that on the next turn, not all the worms died. They easily could have, of course, but they didn't, resulting in a pretty impressive comeback. Raising the question of whether it wasn't perhaps the red team that failed even harder when it didn't capitalise on the perfect gift. Hm!

4. Game 178226, playback at 23:15
Finger roll is for ropers, not this!

5. Game 177470, playback at 19:45
Unexpected end there, very bad luck - another case for BTP.

Game 177763, playback at 20:21
Bad plan, bad retreat
None of these are individually bad enough to win an award, I feel, but as a whole, they form a wonderfully terrible game.
Game 176457, playback at 15:53
Very bad teleport, nothing special.
Game 177763, playback at 9:15
You almost have to mess up on purpose with that wind and chute :o
Game 177763, playback at 5:42
Hurts, but it's not too special

Best Commentary (20$)

I received no nomination, so no winner here.

I've asked 2 people to help me judge the replays and the notes below the games are the comments of the judges as I got them (or gave them).

Considering people were only eligible for one additional prize money, Chelsea wins the best shot award, since Lukz has the #1 in both best shot and worst shot and also the #2 in worst shot(!)


What's wrong?

Adnan  ;D We should have nominated ourselves for the best commentary during the game : 3



--- Quote from: Zalo on October 21, 2014, 06:21 PM ---Adnan  ;D We should have nominated ourselves for the best commentary during the game : 3


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