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TUS season 42 winners - prizes all sent

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Late again!

So this was the third season of prize money awarded to winners. I'll leave it up to MI and obscure if they want to continue their prize money giving, but this is the last one where I'm giving money to winners.

Our current list of winners (names in green have received their winnings or have chosen to donate to TUS):

League prizes:
Lukz: Playoffs qualification spot ($10) + Standings #1 ($20)
Phanton: Playoffs qualification spot ($10)
Almog: Playoffs qualification spot ($10)
daiNa: Playoffs qualification spot ($10) + Playoffs winner (100$)
dibz: Playoffs qualification spot ($10)
NiCo`: Playoffs qualification spot ($10) + Playoffs runner-up (20$)
GreatProfe: Playoffs qualification spot ($10)
Sbaffo: Playoffs qualification spot ($10) + Worst shot of the season (20$)
XrayeZ: Best shot of the season ($20)
Piki1802: Best turn of the season (20$)
easy: Worst turn of the season (20$)

Note: easy hasn't been online since January and has not responded to my PM

Additional prizes:

Best shot of the season
1. 182489 Gorgeous banking grenade with a virtually perfect hit
2. 182410 high risk move, since it has used both ropes and his superweapon. Perfect landing, too.
3. 182727 Petrol, nice symmetry in the mines
4. 182181 nice bazooka shot, but not special enough to beat the 2 obvious strong shots
5. 184107 good save of a botched supersheep drop, not a very accurate hit, but good enough to win the game
I have to give this win to the jetpack banking grenade, because it is an impressive shot given any time limit and this was handled with one second turn time.
Clearly, this was shot was intended to go as it went. The holy handgrenade turn was well thought out, but there was an additional rope used and the shot was somewhat lucky the way it went.

Best turn of the season
1. 183083 sweet bungee move, skipping a turn and completing the next jump just in time
2. 182226 good knock, turning a losing position into an instantly winning one
I'm going with the bungee turn - perhaps because I'm slightly biased towards bungeerace, but also because the turn could've gone wrong at so many points, but it didn't. The result was one badass turn.

Worst shot of the season
1. 183634 Great team hit in between 2 targets, this hurt even more when you consider that the killed worm would deal easy damage on the 2 80 HP worms the next turn.
2. 184040 Homing missile runs out of fuel just in time to miss a good piling shot in abnormal
I'm giving it to the bazooka shot because it was catastrophic for the game - instead of doing massive damage, he goes straight to a completely lost position with that shot.
While it was certainly bad luck the missile ran out of fuel, I don't think it would have killed many worms.

Worst turn of the season
1. 182195 So many things went wrong here, it's hard to describe where to begin
2. 182726 wow, that was an unlucky teleport, killing 2 of the 3 worms, dooming his entire team to die
I'm giving it to 182195 because hysteria is a scheme much more prone to blunders than is elite and considering so many things had to be executed poorly.

If any1 doesn't wanna his money, so i can take it ^^


dollar is so high here i'm going to buy a PS4 :D

Aww I'm runner-up in the worst shot. :( Hopefully I'm noob enough to come up with another fail. ;D Good job Sbaffo. :)

Btw game id for homing is 185040, not 184040.

Congratulations everyone!

Me and Obscure will continue! There will be same prize for incoming seasons!


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