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Against the Jellub
« on: February 12, 2021, 01:13 PM »
Last year I made a game, which I've uploaded as (very) "early access" on GameJolt. Here's the link, and here's some introductory text from there.

It's a tactical turn-based (or turn-based strategy) game in which simple autonomous machines must destroy blob-enemies ("Jellubs") on a hexagonal grid. The player controls the positions and movement of the machines, as well as their upgrades. The Jellubs, which come in different types, land in random places at the start of every turn. The USP of this game is that the player can see four or more preview-screens of the exact landing patterns of the incoming waves of Jellubs, which lets the player plan where to move the machines, for optimal effect.

There are lots of gameplay videos to watch.

It would be hard for me to go much further with this project. I'd be interested to hear any opinions from wormers. Thanks  :)