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Author Topic: Multiplayer RPG games (not MMO), also Monster Hunter World  (Read 553 times)

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Re: Multiplayer RPG games (not MMO), also Monster Hunter World
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Just because you personally say that I took offense to something, doesn't mean that I did, considering i've already told you I am wasn't offended, you should stop talking about that already.

If you think your opinions are based on facts, then you are delusional, I don't use that word to offend you, I use that word because of what it actually means, you are the one retaliating with hostility because you can't handle that I don't feel the same way you do.

I've already said it's ok if you don't like the game, I actually understand exactly how you feel, and why you feel that way, all i've done is stated that not everybody feels the same way that you do(which is a fact, because even if I was the only person in the world that doesn't feel the same way as you, that's proof already that my statement is actually a fact), and lots of other people have a different perspectives about pretty much everything you've said, some will share your perspective, some won't, some may even feel like we are both wrong.

You are getting so wound up because I am debating all your points and won't bow down to your perspective and think the same way as you do.

You are taking this out of context, I don't brag, I use my own statistics/skills as evidence to support my arguements, you are doing the same thing, but the difference is, I have proof, you don't.

I asked you to make a video of your skills, show me that you actually have advanced skills and then I might actually believe you when you use your own skills and abilities as a point in your arguement.

Also, I have played around 3-4k hours of Monster Hunter since the Sony PSP, I know how the game works in general and more familiar with the series than you are, so when you tell me that a certain weapon sucks because YOU PERSONALLY cannot use it efficiently enough, even though i've done it myself, and saw people far more capable than me. How can you possibly expect me to believe you?

Also, I don't CONSTANTLY talk about how good I am.

Would you be willing to place a bet?

If you accept the bet, I will spent countless hours of my own time proving you wrong.

I will go through every thread you posted on TUS, every game log where i've played against you, also, if you are willing to send replays from the past year that you have played, I will check the chat logs there too, every single game and I bet you I can find at least 100 seperate sentences within the past year alone, where you mention your own skill to other people.

Do you accept or not? Are you willing you actually put your word on the line here?

It's obvious you will say "I don't need to prove anything to you", as a defense mechanism, as far as I am concerned you can either back it up, or shut the f**k up.

If you are willing to accept, propose the stake.

"i have found STRainedGRoiN's flags and graves to be useful even for making music. now i can't even imagine creating a song without using content from this pack. 11/10"