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Re: Why gaming became worse
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I've been researching the downfall or game dev for a while now, could probably even write an essay on it.

It's all about cash. Sure the devs of old wanted to make money, but they wanted to make great games as well. They were essentially enslaved by the publishers back then and then went out of business, with the franchise copyrights sold for dirt cheap to scumbag publishers (might and magic, c&c) who now still try to milk those.

Valve doesn't make any new games, all they do is try to milk trends which nobody already cares for, like battle royale and card games and play ripoff wars with blizzard. They completely ruined tf2, my favorite game. It's bloated to no end with all the cosmetic garbage to the point me and my friends have trouble running it (12 years old game!) and stupid weapons. Each update is more pathetic than the last, they just copypaste uncompressed models from the workshop and call it a day. They also were one of the pioneers of microtransactions, but nobody seems to give them much credit for that.

Games get worse, because they have to make lots of money. They have to make games for everyone to maximize profits - games for no one. Take elder scrolls. Daggerfall was insanely ambitiuos, and while it failed in a lot of ways, it had deep systems and immersion no further game did (except morrowind, and even then it was a downgrade in some ways), because the project leads left. After that, bethesda's motto was all about dumbing games down (I don't remember the exact quote).

Games require a proper understanding of what is fun and what isn't. A board of executives doesn't care about what is fun, they only care that it makes as much money money, as fast as (im)possible, setting unmeetable deadlines. Even indie developers are now adopting scummy triple A tactics. A lot of games also fall apart because of stupid design decisions, some made mindlessly, like cliches, since they saw those in a lot of other games, not considering if those are good or bad.

Game dev should stay indie, a hobbie, a labor of love. That's how you get good games. Case in point: we wouldn't have the beautiful W:A the way it is if not for the great guys who picked it up and work on it for free.
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Re: Why gaming became worse
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