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Author Topic: Rafka and his 14 Win Streak Before Season Ends  (Read 286 times)

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Rafka and his 14 Win Streak Before Season Ends
« on: November 14, 2020, 02:46 PM »
I would like to request the exclusion of all 14 games between Rafka and the new player named ZapalioSibicom, played hours before the season was over (

Some said that what Rafka did, despite the lack of sportsmanship, did not break any of the TUS league rules. In other words, he abused the system, but did not break any rules. But I want to bring here another interpretation. I think that all these 14 games were not impartial, so they must be deleted due to the lack of impartiality.

I came to this conclusion through the interpretation of the chat during the rounds. I think Rafka's attitude in saying certain things was improper.

Some chat of the games:

1 round:
[NNN`Rafka] its the end of season so I need like about 12 games to win this season (without a los), wanna ride this highway with me? =)
[ZapalioSibicom] ok
[ZapalioSibicom] so i need to resign?
[NNN`Rafka] no
2 round:
[NNN`Rafka] playing with me U have a chance to progresss
4 round:
[NNN`Rafka] I told U, U gonna be more skilled after so many games with me =)

Suppose you were going to bet money on one of these two players. If you saw two players talking to each other like that, who would you bet on? Do you think someone who is considering surrendering is an impartial opponent?

In my opinion Rafka should never have said that he needed "X" victories to be the league winner because that may have raised the interest in this player in wanting to help Rafka, especially considering that Rafka was being nice to him, showing interest in his progress. It wouldn't have been a problem if he had said that, for example, for someone else also competing for better positions in the league. The problem is that he said that to a new player, registered on that same day by invitation from Rafka, and who does not aim at anything in the league (very possibly we will never see him again), so it would have no difference for him to win or lose. Wouldn't it be absurd to think that he wanted to help Rafka, correct? We can't be 100% sure about that. But the impartiality of something ends when there is reasonable doubt, and for me there is a doubt there.

Round 14:
[NNN`Rafka] what, U tele
[NNN`Rafka] try things
[NNN`Rafka] dont give up
[ZapalioSibicom] ah i am all nervous and sleepy
[ZapalioSibicom] need medicine

This conversation was after the player ZapalioSibicom had teleported to water on purpose. It is clear that the player was already tired for several previous matches, so why did he keep playing, if not perhaps out of an interest in helping Rafka? There is another factor that makes it even more difficult to think that the player was enjoying playing 14 rounds in a roll. The player, apparently, was not even a fan of intermediate, but shopper.

[NNN`Rafka] so U played from 11 years now on till today::=
[ZapalioSibicom] yes sort of
[NNN`Rafka] hmm strange we didnt play before, I guess
[ZapalioSibicom] yes i changed nicknames a lot and only shopper

So, not taking into account the fact that Rafka's conduct was unsportsmanlike (I think it was), I believe that those games were not impartial, and for that I believe they need to be deleted.

Last but not least, I have nothing against Rafka. He is one of the best intermediate players I know. But I think he was so desperate to get that first place that he was a little blind to his own attitudes.

PS: if anyone is wondering why me and Rafka have so few games in the TUS league, I explained here
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Re: Rafka and his 14 Win Streak Before Season Ends
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2020, 03:02 PM »
If nothing happens about this, I think you should just boycot the league by stop playing it as you are currently one of the most active players.
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Re: Rafka and his 14 Win Streak Before Season Ends
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2020, 03:45 PM »
I've already contacted MonkeyIsland via private message, while also explaining and sharing all the events that have happened over the last few days in this topic:

All the evidence in this thread and that thread show that Rafka, while genuinely seeming to believe he done anything wrong, is fully aware of what he done and confirms his purpose was to win 1st place in Intermediate for the season which just ended.

I support the decision to revoke Rafka's games, but not all of them, I feel the majority of those games should be revoked, but leaving at least the standard 1 pick each, and 3rd agreed pick, as  I don't see anything wrong with inviting new players to the league and playing a few games.

I personally believe a change should be made to prevent abusing the system like this in the future, such as putting a limit on the amount of games a new player or anyone who hasn't played before can play against one player.

The standard for playing is 1 pick each, and then you can agree on a 3rd pick, so I believe 3 games would be a good start for a fresh player.

I'm not against people being able to play each other a lot, like blitzed vs oldsock, or Xrayez vs VoK for example, but those players are veterans and have proven themselves, a system to reflect this trust but at the same time not discouraging new players to compete would be great.

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Re: Rafka and his 14 Win Streak Before Season Ends
« Reply #3 on: November 14, 2020, 06:24 PM »
Noob-bashing does not happen often and it would be difficult to describe it in league rules to forbid it, so manual
arbitrament is good enough.

I want to remind about something - a dishonest victory is worthless.

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Re: Rafka and his 14 Win Streak Before Season Ends
« Reply #4 on: November 15, 2020, 10:23 AM »
It's sad that CWT will have 'Rafka' name mentioned and remembered. He's not, what you'd call, a winner material. More of a clown, really..
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Re: Rafka and his 14 Win Streak Before Season Ends
« Reply #5 on: November 15, 2020, 02:58 PM »
he's not a clown, he's the entire circus

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Re: Rafka and his 14 Win Streak Before Season Ends
« Reply #6 on: November 16, 2020, 07:06 AM »
This situation has happened in the past and we've deleted such games because of the clear abuse of the system. It is OK to play newbies through out the season but not hours before the season is ending. Most of the games will be void.
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Re: Rafka and his 14 Win Streak Before Season Ends
« Reply #7 on: November 16, 2020, 08:57 AM »
It's a relief to be reminded action will be taken against abuse of the system  :-*

@MonkeyIsland - Will there be a limit for new players added or will we just continue to manually report abuse in future? I ask because, even though it's good to know abusive games will be voided, it would still be a shame to waste time for someone playing all those games and if the rules are clear before hand it saves any bickering and arguing about said games.