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Love you my worms family
« on: April 07, 2021, 07:14 PM »
Hey hey, back from the limbo again. I just wanted to say hello to everyone who is still around. I have so much lovely memories spending time with people here and on wnet. Worms are really big part of my life and when I think about it after couple of years of break it makes me really happy that I can still be in touch with some of you even tho a lot of us are also on break and we dont play like we used to. I know I`ve been an asshole sometimes when i read my old posts now, I`ve let some people trigger me and let stupid emotions take over the control but it were all very informative experiences and also life teached me that you cant be always a friend to everyone. Sad but true, sometimes people need some fighting because we are not a bunch of teletubbies but in the end it doesnt even matter  :D. What matters is that we all were and still are a part of something incredible: the big worms family, and tx to our great pimp MonkeyIsland who is still running this whorehouse our memories are still alive. I hope you all are doing ok in your lifes, and that someday we will meet on the #AG again coz we are still alive :-\ :) :-* :-*

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Re: Love you my worms family
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welcome back dude :)

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Re: Love you my worms family
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2021, 04:36 AM »
Very relatable. Welcome back and have fun! :)

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Re: Love you my worms family
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Wb bro....

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Re: Love you my worms family
« Reply #4 on: April 09, 2021, 06:02 AM »
Welcome back redi :)

I can definitely relate to reading some of my older posts and feeling like an asshole! Even if a lot of the time you still believe in your perspective, just not the words you chose to voice it.

A little update on a few things that has happened since I came back myself in August:

A major update and follow up hotfix to the game:

3.8 -

3.9 -

The Worms Roper league ran by the W2 community merged with another league called Worms League which was ran by Syc and others, and now that has disbanded from what i've been told.

TUS has seen a recent surge in activity over the past 1-2 months and hopefully that continues. Even Deadcode the legend himself is actively playing TUS!

Masta beat blitzed(dibs) in a very awesome Final of the "Summer Big RR Cup" which was streamed on my Twitch

Tade won CWT 2020.

Intermediate is kicking off and becoming very active and competitive - I started streaming CWT regularly when the Playoffs kicked off, during streaming I had co-commentators like Dario, TheWalrus, Crespo, Dr.Abegod.

During CWT some of the old champions returned such as Dario & chuvash and who are now absolutely kicking ass in Open Normal League - ONL as well as some other returning legends like Terror and SirGorash.

Chicken23 has returned as well and is becoming hooked to Intermediate and hopes to compete in CWT 2021, and several other great players are training.

CWT 2021 this year is going to be popping off something insane at this rate! If we could just get Mablak back the trio of legendary champs would be complete!

Open Normal League, Discord

Crespo's Worms Tournament, Discord

So if strategic schemes are your thing, you would enjoy the competitive activity in the Intermediate community right now.

I am personally trying to stream all the important Playoffs, Tournament/Cup finals for all skilled Leagues for WA in general, regardless of the scheme, on my twitch channel if you are interested in that sort of thing. komito8220

Mole Shopper is also quite popular right now if you want some serious competition and enjoy that scheme. They have a World Cup underway(I lost the URL unfortunately) and they have an active Cup going on right now -

Shtaket has been breaking a fair number of Masta's Big RR records! I personally find this very impressive, and also I actually need to approve his latest records.

Deadcode & Korydex have been posting fascinating data regarding old replays. Korydex also posted a lot of stuff about Worm Olympics but I cannot remember where it is...

MonkeyIsland is working on updating the TUS website as well as building a mobile app.

We had some sad news recently that one of our own WormNET legends in his own right "Bytor" passed away due to Covid19 complications. He introduced many players to the Intermediate/Normal scheme over the years. There is an announcement on the ONL website. A number of players who knew him have been posting memories and messages on Discord and ONL website in tribute.

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Re: Love you my worms family
« Reply #5 on: April 09, 2021, 08:43 PM »
Hey Komo, nice to see you are still so active in community, tx for the info update. I was always more of a roping guy but for a moment i dont have a proper desk where i can play so maybe i`ll try to play some ground schemes.

For 1 year now i live in suburbs of Amsterdam, i need to find better apartment but it must still wait for a while but when this corona shit is finished i can meet with wormers who wanna visit this crazy city.

Its really sad to hear about Bytor, i dont know if i ever played with him but i definitely remember seeing him a lot on wormnet previous years  :'(

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Re: Love you my worms family
« Reply #6 on: April 10, 2021, 10:36 AM »
Hi, I'm also inactive. I'm hotel manager (worst possible time for my dream advance in work) -_- I play pokemon go in free time, or maybe i pkayed, coz in last month i have problem with knees :/ In october/november i had covid... Live suck last time -_-

I also didn't know about Bytor :( That's so sad :(

I'm sure I've played with him 1-2 games, and as Redi told - I definitely remember seeing him a lot on wormnet previous years :(

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Re: Love you my worms family
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Ae redi

Sad for Bytor too 😞
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Re: Love you my worms family
« Reply #8 on: April 12, 2021, 04:14 PM »
Hi redi, I don’t really play anymore but it’s always good to hear from old pals

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Re: Love you my worms family
« Reply #9 on: April 13, 2021, 04:46 PM »
hey homs, yee nice to hear from you too, i dont play now too because i recently live in temporary shitroom and dont have conditions, but when i move to normal place im ready to bring some rope to ag again  8)