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Author Topic: Talk about how to make Worms a better franchise.  (Read 484 times)

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Re: Talk about how to make Worms a better franchise.
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This is crazy that people are still replying to this thread, I thought it was gonna die for sure. But this just shows how good this community is.
How people can make an old game and turn it into a community.
Creates soundbanks and other shit. creator of a dream worms game that'll never come true.

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Re: Talk about how to make Worms a better franchise.
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Also I took everything skunk3 said and putted it in a memo called "Gospel of Skunk3"
Creates soundbanks and other shit. creator of a dream worms game that'll never come true.

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Re: Team17 is not a good company for worms anymore [RANT]
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other ideas:

-an asbolute MINIMUM of at least 12 different terrain themes at launch, preferably more, each with its own song/ambiance

-paid DLC. Hear me out! Instead of allowing users to simply make custom hats and wear them, the game should come with a large amount of hats and speech banks from the start. However, they should offer other hats, speech banks, and various customizations as paid options... even a paid option to use custom hats and speech banks. This would bring in money for Team17 and hopefully allow them the possibility of keeping the base price of the game down. Of course I only support this idea if the base game itself includes a decent amount of hats and speech banks from the start and doesn't force players to buy them so they don't look and sound like everyone else.
haha i love it when people talk about hats

ill never play a better game at a better time than WA when it came out.  ive given up on finding a game that i want to play as much or that had as good a community.  ive played maybe 3-4 hours of video games in the last month, don't know if im just tired of them or what.....but im wasting my time hoping t17 will make a good game again, its not happening.  it would be amazing if this game had matchmaking & an active community and you could play 2v2 or even 3v3 clan wars, but that aint happening, and andy davidson isnt walking in that door.  this is me giving up.   


Hats definitely are a gimmick and not necessary at all, but over time I have grown to like the idea a lot for stylistic reasons as well as practical reasons, such as being able to more quickly and easily identify your worms on screen. One big problem with Worms WMD is the price. At $29.99 USD it's not quite up to "AAA" pricing but there's loads of other games around that mark that the average gamer these days would rather buy. Also, if we're talking about PC gamers rather than console gamers, there's sales all of the time so competing for business is crucial. I've talked to a lot of people who refused to buy WMD because they felt it cost too much. If they could sell the game for $5-10 less it would generate more sales, and plus they could make more money buy having a DLC shop that would be entirely optional... and I truly believe that it could work well.

As far as your feelings about W:A - I completely agree. I haven't found a game since that got me hooked like that. These days I barely play games myself, and when I do I don't find myself having as much fun as I used to. I don't know if it's because I am getting older and simply don't find them as entertaining as I used to, or if newer games just aren't as engrossing. The golden years of W:A were magical and I highly doubt that I'll ever experience anything like that again unless Team17 develops a truly killer Worms title. I have very little faith that that will happen though because I've seen their track record. I honestly believe that they COULD do it, but I don't think they WILL because they aren't willing to invest the time and resources into making it. While Worms gameplay isn't most modern gamer's cup of tea, I believe that there's more than enough people who enjoy that sort of gameplay. Over the past several years retro gaming has taken off because people are tired of modern crap that is all style and no substance. What has hindered WMD's lasting appeal greatly is the lack of cross-play. Take the Worms player base and split it between GOG, Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, etc... people have lost interest and while the game isn't totally dead on Steam, it's nowhere near as populated as it would be if the game had cross-platform support from the start.

Over the last several years I've purchased a bunch of games hoping they would be fun and engrossing but I have yet to find anything that makes me interested for more than a week, TOPS... well, aside from a f2p multiplayer 'tower defense' game. Rapidly-approaching middle age has led me to a sort of existential crisis limbo in which things that I used to enjoy are no longer appealing and I find myself more concerned with pragmatic adult things than gaming. (Pursuing a master's degree, focusing on home life, family/friend connections, being responsible, etc.)