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Tetris community finally discovers finger roll

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Saw this interesting video about a new technique the tetris community discovered this year:and

Instantly, I compared it to the different roping techniques we're all seen over the history of Worms Armageddon. It's a shame, if only they had saw Maciej's famous FR video many years ago:


Would be interesting to see how far they go in controller mods.

oh yea, agamescout, managed to find his yt channel earlier cuz im interested in nes tetris

keep in mind that this is nes tetris, a game before the tetris guidelines were a thing, and due to competitive nature of some tourneys, players are limited to original hardware

huahuahua the famous VID xD

Wheres maciej btw i miss him ae cos king

That's really cool. Didn't Masta play one time rope on WA with a Snes controller?

Could it be possible to rope just as good or even better with a controller?


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