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War'n'Guns Blast (a Puyo Puyo VS 2 mod)

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Edoardo Moretti:
As the development of Wave 4 begins, there's the Polar background.

Edoardo Moretti:
After a long time of work with the sprites I'm happy to announce the first character of Wave 4: Gospel

Available 18/05/2021.

Edoardo Moretti:
First character of Wave 4! (Making the helmet was hard)

Gospel(the "Gospel" speech from Worms Forts Under Siege, lol).

You have to use the "Gospel" speech of Worms Forts and make a new folder on Gospel's folder called "voice".

And now copy and rename the following .wav files:

jump1 ----> chain1
amazing ----> chain2
brilliant ----> chain3
drop ----> chain4
excellent ----> chain5
yessir ----> choose
revenge ----> counter
missed ----> counterspell
ow2 ----> damage1
nooo ----> damage2
laugh ----> fever
bummer ----> feverfail
perfect ----> feversucces
oops ----> lose
bungee ----> spell1
fireball ----> spell2
fire ----> spell3
watchthis ----> spell4
orders ----> spell5
victory ----> win

Edoardo Moretti:
Get ready for the second character of Wave 4!

Available 29/05/2021.

Edoardo Moretti:
And now there's the most voted character for Wave 4 (the hairs and the coat where a pain to make)

Twinglass Brightness(the "Professor" speech from Worms 4 Mayhem).

You have to use the "Professor" speech of W4M and make a new folder on Boggy B's folder called "voice".

And now copy and rename the following .wav files:

jump_2 ----> chain1
BigDamage_01 ----> chain2
BigDamage_02 ----> chain3
BigDamage_03 ----> chain4
FirePunch_2 ----> chain5
StartTurn_01 ----> choose
RevengeHit_01 ----> counter
Missed_01 ----> counterspell
FireDamage_01 ----> damage1
No_01 ----> damage2
Titter_01 ----> fever
Mistake_01 ----> feverfail
BigDamage_06 ----> feversucces
WormDeath_01 ----> lose
StartTurn_03 ----> spell1
BigDamage_04 ----> spell2
Crate_02 ----> spell3
FirePunch_01 ----> spell4
FireWeapon_03 ----> spell5
Victory_01 ----> win

P.S. Use the "W4M-WUM" folder to found the following audio files.


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