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Author Topic: WWP (US) Physical Release?  (Read 284 times)

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WWP (US) Physical Release?
« on: September 21, 2019, 07:27 PM »

I am searching ebay for a physical copy of WWP on places like ebay but I am only finding loads of PS1 / Dreamcast / GBA / NGage for USA variants.

I am thinking back to when I first played WWP with my buddies, and one had owned the Triple Pack...  was this the only 'true' US release?  I swore I played the game prior to this release?  Considering the Triple Pack came with a demo for Worms: Blast.

I still have my original 'big-box' copy of W:A and I wanted to buy a WWP equivalent.  Honestly, same goes for Worms 2.  I first discovered Worms through Worms 2, I received a gift of a combo pack of PC games from Costco.  It was a Hasbro Interactive set with Worms 2, H.E.D.Z., Beast Wars and I think 1 other game that I can't remember.  Man... times sure were different back then...  :)

Help me pack my house full of stuff that I don't 'need' to satisfy my shelf lol