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Re: Hysteria - telecow
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Yes, there are more potential opportunities to pile worms in Hysteria due to the fast paced nature of the scheme and infinite teleports, but it doesn't make it easier to actually pull off, or a guaranteed success. I also think there is a lot more potential to defend/counter piles in Hysteria than any other scheme because it is almost never a surprise.

I don't see this as a bad thing, in fact it's one of the most rewarding feelings in Hysteria when you outsmart/outplay someone on offence or defence, when they pile you and you get a beautiful SG or petrol to split up the pile. Or when you get such a good pile they would need the skills of TA to retaliate. That feeling of achievement when you pull off a critical shot at a critical moment to save the game or finish it.

There are counter tactics to pretty much every pile, even a 100% complete ghost, which is when your worm and enemy worm are in the exact same position and it looks like just 1 worm.

I've had some truly awesome Hysteria games when playing clanners for cFc with daina and lalo where this would happen frequently and the adrenaline rush of having to adapt to any situation on the spot is so exciting!

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Re: Hysteria - telecow
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Hysteria can be played really lame.. Depends of the players...