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Author Topic: Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the new Drive for Weapons gif icon!  (Read 80 times)

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Hi, I have the pleasure to publish here the new gif icon sbs made for our scheme Drive for Weapons. It was a hard work on 20 frames to make this gif, thanks to the art of sbs (and a few suggestions and ideas by myself). Many days of work, but now we have at least the first version of the gif complete (more frames might be added  in the future).

I hope you like it, because we will release the official version of the scheme's first map in a near future (we have only the prototype I made, with some suggestions and changes due to sbs opinions). Thanks to all people that helped us testing our prototype (structure) map. With patience, sbs already made more than 50% of the map graphical upgrades. It is taking months but we are not in a hurry. Soon this scheme will be 100% released and we can start working on the second map that has already an amazing combo for it (we had to cut this combo from the first map, because it would take too long to end the game).

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