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Author Topic: Marco gave me hysteria theory lesson... and is waiting for my apologies  (Read 156 times)

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Guys, I just felt I should post this here bcos a guy called Marco told me how hysteria is played by good players and he's been playing it for 10 years so he knows for sure and I should check on hysteria rules and there's no telecow and Imma cheater and I should ask Stoner  bcos he knows Marco and Stoner will tell me that I've cheated too and Marco is waiting for my apologies on this woooooohooooooo what a nonsense festival lolioooooooo
this is why I LLLLLLLOVE this game!
enjoy tha chat!
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But.. The article there literally says it's played with no rules, and that any rule you add is considered "house rules".

You need to show them the truth Rocket! That both ways are ok, just do whatever people agree on, or play 2 games, 1 with one set of rules, 1 with the other.

But for the sake of competitive balance, the default is no rules because it's more optimized for competitive gameplay at the highest level of skill in the world.

We need to teach these people WHY these rules exist, not just that they do.

When they know the best play with no rules, they will probably be happier to at least try it, even if they don't like it, they will at least understand WHY we do it, or, at least they have the chance to believe the truth...

Offline Kradie

WormNET and TUS are 2 divided factions. This means there can be 2 truths.

Not everyone on WormNET read these forums and are up to date.

In the end it is the host's responsibility to specify the rules.

I personally prefer that there are no rules in Hysteria.
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Offline TheKomodo

Well, yeah, neither is REALLY better than the other, it just depends on your goal, which path you take to get there.

The same applies to everything in life, moderation.

I have the understanding, interest and skill to survive in that environment, others may or may not.

They might be able to survive there, but not enjoy it, they may enjoy it but not survive very long...

I have the sum of all elements to be the best in both and whichever I focus on is the one I will achieve.

6 of 1, half a dozen of the other, but it still takes me from 1 to 6.

I may never go from 1 to 6, I have in the past, I may again, some people know that already, some don't, some may again in the future, and I don't even have to be aware that they are watching me play lol.