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Author Topic: A Spiritual Successor to W:A  (Read 9527 times)

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Re: A Spiritual Successor to W:A
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I need to stop with these yearly releases, buut it's that time again.

I spent quite a lot of time with front end and polish this time around. Hopefully it shows!
Overall, increased game speed and gravity.
Added a new weapon "Rocket Jumper", which is exactly how it sounds: Utilize explosions as mobility!
Also I'm experimenting with controlling grapple hook (rope) with the mouse. Let me know what you all think of that.
Non-QWERTY keyboards are now supported, as well as 4k monitors!

Random levels are now a thing too:

Update v0.4.0.125

Also, I post more frequent gifs/builds on my discord, as well as WIP!
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