December 12, 2018, 01:38 AM


WA 3.8 vs. SpaceX Falcon Heavy. Which will launch first?

WA 3.8
Falcon Heavy

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Re: [Poll] WA 3.8 vs. SpaceX Falcon Heavy.
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So, the falcon heavy won. Close it down, guys!
W:A 3.8 is probably just gonna be vaporware in the end. ;P
Or should I say V A P O R W A V E (Meme reference)
Are you kidding me? It is WA 4.x now, not 3.x!
It's not even started, let alone finished! Take it from the horse's mouth.
Imagine What a Buck Could Do!

I now declare a brand new league (and the successor to the failed Ultra League): WormsRF!