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How much longer will you play?

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I'm playing this game since 1999, joined this community just some months ago.

Going to play this game as long as I can ping Love it and will prefer it to any other game without hesitation!

4 life

Usually I'm the same "4 life' etc, but how can we do that after everyone else disappears and there are like 20 of us left and don't even enjoy the same schemes...

Too much diversity, no common bound anymore.

TUS challenges!!! Solo offline will be our last worming hope.
By the time online W:A dies (which will happen.. NEVER), there will be enough of these challenges to keep us amused for next 20 years :)

Yeah but what would be the point doing challenges if no one sees it lol?

Surely the most exciting part of them is having a record other people can see, to acknowledge your hard work...


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