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Player Guide
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How to host games, download maps and schemes

To host games I'm going to say the way that I find the easiest, which is downloading the WormNAT2 module. Download this module here: Once you have downloaded it, extract the file and put it inside the game folder. After doing this, you can now create your games and players will be able to join.

You may also want to download different schemes and maps to play.

To download schemes, go to this link: Click on the name of the scheme you want to download, and on the scheme page, you will see the "download" link. Right-click on "download" and select the option "save link as...". The next step is to place the scheme file in the following folder: WA Folder/User/Schemes. Now the game will recognize the scheme you downloaded and you can choose it to play online or offline.

To download maps, click on the following link: After download the map you want, put it in the following location: WA Folder/User/SavedLevels.

There is also another form of hosting, which does not require downloading any files. This way is through HostingBuddy (a kind of bot that will create the host for you). The entire process is done through commands. To learn more, visit (

Other guides and tutorials

Unlock Extended Scheme Options by typing boggysentme in main menu.

For those who like intermediate, check this guide: - In-game controls. - Explanation about each weapon in the game (click on the weapon icon to learn about it). - Worms Armageddon Big Tutorial with English Subtitles. - Newbie Guide Book. - Guide in portuguese teaching to play online.

Discord channels - Most popular channel. There you can find people to play and to solve your doubts. Make sure to check the worms-faq of this channel where you find answers to common questions. - Discord channel dedicated to intermediate scheme and to the intermediate league. - Brazilian worms channel on discord.

Sites - Almost everything related to the game is there (softwares, modules, schemes to download etc). - Annual high-level competition intermediate tourney. - Site that promotes an intermediate league. - Colour maps to download.
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Re: Guide for new players
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We should make this more presentable, fill it up with more advice etc, and make it available on the home page or something.

Good stuff!

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Re: Guide for new players
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Yes. I will be constantly polishing and improving the content of this topic.
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