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Dear ladies and gentlemen!
It is time for another epic, smitatious battle between the Mighty Taner aka "smity" and yours truly.
We all know how the last one ended
However, smity now gets a second chance to let the world see the true size of his penis.

We've both been preparing immensely the last couple of months for this event. A vast amount of time has been spent on extreme erection exercises and elaborate dick-slapping routines, all making the navy seals training program look like a quick run to the local viagra store. We have also been studying the recent breakthrough research made in advanced penetration theory while recovering.
For further preparation I bought this new multi-purpose smite lubricant from Uganda which allows for "smiting at a much larger scale of brutality" and contains enough lube for "endless hours of merciless smiting". I'm really looking forward to trying it out, and at the time of writing I can see Taner next room with his daily testicle deadlift wourkout, a favorite of his. So I think it is safe to say that we are ready to fucking SMITE!

The tournament is a series of bo5 intermediate games. The first to win 5 games is the winner, the fucking pro, the top guy, the president of smite!
Replays will be uploaded and the score will be updated here.

Stay tuned folks

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Friends of tus:
yesterday I smited taner 2 times in a row, both times 3-0. He got quite butthurt and decided to quit the tournament. I'm really sorry for wasting your time. This was it for now. Over and out.